GallopingMonster.gif recreation in 3D (on hold for permission from char's author)

:notes: Due to discovery of who own the right to the image, i’ve put this WIP on hold until I have gotten permission from the creator of the character to reproduce it in 3D. I would rather respect a person desire to keep his own creation totally his than be seen as to rip him off. Here is his site and here is a direct link to the character image :/NOTES:

I wanted a picture guide to help me model things after and I found this rather simple animated galloping creature and I liked it.
Here is what I got so far. I’m a little stuck with the shadow under the creature. I have 2 lamp (no shadow) and a spot (shadow only) positioned right. I tried a plane with alpha turned off so it can recieve shadow while not being visible itself but it didn’t work. I just kinda want to get the lighting a little out of way so I can start to focus more closely at modelling the creature, I’m somewhat halfway done with the “outline” of the creature.
I realized already that the back of the creature is a little too boxy but I will correct that tommorrow after I get up. I just wanted to see if anybody have any tip of having the shadow showing up while there still are no visible floor. the head/face detail will be the last since it is obviously the most complicated one.

If anybody knows of a really good tut or vid (must have subtitle or text included since i’m deaf myself), I would really appreciate it! thanks in advance for any tips/infos. Good Night y’all.

for the ground plane to show shadows only (and be transparent everywhere else), you can use a material with “OnlyShad” selected.

Thanks that did it for me!
Now I’ll do some modelling and finish the rest of the lighting later cause I’ll need to simulate the toonish look of the creature in the .gif and I don’t know how to do that yet.

cool, i like this little fella. looking forward to seeing you make it gallop :slight_smile:

edit: do you know the author of the animated gif?

Yay brass-horse-killer :slight_smile:

No idea at all, I’ve seen it scattered around for the last few years so I expect that nobody knows for sure who made it unfortunately.

:EDIT: oh thanks kitsu now I finally found out who made it, Now I’ll have to ask author to see if i could have his permission first to “reproduce” the art (see bottom of for copyright info) :EDIT:

Sorry But i’m currently on hold trying to update my site so a friend i’ve made at work can use it to try and convince her husband to try a dualscreen set-up and maybe pay me to set it up on their computer, she want the setup but need her husband to check it out first and decide whether to get it or not. Also to finally inculdes some real informations and a few images of what I plan to redesign the site to. Still need to learn GIMP some more before I could create exactly what I want for the background image and borders :(.