I guess I’ll call this finished. Made with Blender, textured with 3D-Coat/GIMP/Blender/SMAK!, and rendered with appleseed. Some minor post in GIMP.

That is too cool.

Steve S

Cool, straight out of the planet of the apes :wink:

Really excellent work Joel!


Beautiful work and nice details!

Excellent work! Loving the details on his suit.

Awesome work! Some hair on that gorilla would make it shine though!

Outstanding job on this, I do kind of agree that some hair on him would be cool. I never heard of appleseed renderer, I’ll have to look that up.

But top notch of both the sculpting and the battle gear.

A very nice render and great concept. A million times better than anything I could do, so take my one criticism with that in mind. Tthe space suit seems too small in volume to contain the complete mass of a full grown gorilla, especially comparing it to the size of the head. It is almost uncomfortable to look at while imagining the body compressed into the spacesuit.

Great render though.

Thanks all, for the comments and crits!

@LiquidApe - yeah, you’re right. Good critique, thank you. I actually did add a fur system initially, and I even did a test render a while back, using him as a test subject, when I was learning to use Guerilla Render, and it included the fur with furAttr maps from Maya and everything. But trying to export the extremely dense fur system to geometry for rendering in appleseed was time prohibitive, so I gave up :slight_smile: Fortunately, appleseed is currently well on its way to supporting hair curve rendering, and the Blender addon (blenderseed) will support that as soon as that’s ready. So maybe I should’ve waited until the end of the summer to do a final render. Live and learn. C’est la vie. :slight_smile:

this is so cool man good job! i believe you can make it just as planet of the apes if u could add some fur :smiley: in the Face :smiley:

Sir King Kong! :slight_smile:

Awesome model.