Galxy in blender

Hei WIP here. Any feedback or how to make i look better is apriciated :slight_smile:
Renderd in cycles. 170 000 something particles.

It is a good start. What is definately missing are the dust filaments (absorption) and the hydrogen clouds (shining in H alpha red). Although the general shape of galaxies is not very complicated, they are pretty detailed with different features. I think you could also give more thickness to the bulge (the bright, central feature), and substitute a lot of individual stars by volume emission. Your colors are good for a spiral galaxy, a blueish color for the spiral arms and a more yellowish/reddish color for the bulge.

Nice project!


Thank you. I’m having some problems creating dust. I Know it needs to be there, but i simply don’t know how to do it. I have some blue glow an misc dust already there using volume scatter, but on a larger scale than the small brownish red clouds i’m looking for.
Here is a pic wit higher resolution and better colors.


I think you need to sculpt very fine lines of clouds in the plane of the spiral and give them really high density for volume scatter or absorption, or a mix of both. But I didn’t try it yet. I imagine that it is very difficult! For reference you can look at all-sky maps of the milkiway, which give you a sense of the structure of the clouds.