The title of this thread says it all.

The brand new “multimedia” company presented by “PhilX-Entertainment”!

If you want games & “movies”, then you are about to eb given what you are wantin’…check out the Yahoo group! There is no official site, yet, but a couple months down the road, there MIGHT be one.

Here is the link to the Yahoo group…


Alot of the projects in this company are not gonna mainly deal with Blender. I do wanna also point out that there is a “1st project” contest currently going on, right now. All the info on that is in the Yahoo group. I do HIGHLY suggest that you do join the yahoo group, because that is the only way you will be able to downoad exclusive content of ALL “GAMAMOV” projects when that time comes & you also will be able to chat with your fellow “GAMAMOV” Yahoo group members & talk about the latest projects & what you think should be the next project!

Well good luck, how about an r-type style scrolling shoot-em-up? Should be an easy first project. 3D is cool but 2D retro games Rock!!