Gambit Effect (on a photo)

I used blender and photoshop to try to recreate the effect of Gambit’s powers from X-Men. Turned out decent I guess.

I feel like the edited effect is too strong, but IDK. Looks somewhat fake (but how could it look real anyway, when it doesn’t exist?)

EDIT: I remade the effect:

Before & After

It might be improved a bit if the lightning coming from the cards gave a slight glow and cast a pinkish light on his hand and the cards. But its good.

I really wish when I had the picture taken that I had a pink/purple light faintly cast in that direction.


Maybe, Shukrallah, you should darken whole image, and then brighten in pink only areas where light from powers come? Right now it look kinda flat. MOre separation of light (pinkish) and shadow would help