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Just a quote from the wiki that I inculded in the picture explaining the GO game a little.
Click here to go to the Wiki

you’re talking about reversi radscientist…


No Go is not like reversi at all. did you even look at the link i’ve provided?
Here it is again--------->http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(board_game)
Here a wiki on Reversi–>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reversi

The playing rule are very different (Go has a much much deeper level of strategy) and Go originated from china where it is so old we are not even sure of how it got started but there was a written reference to the game about a man in 548 BC liking the game. Reversi is real new, comparatively, made in only 1880.

With reversi you basically capture peices by “Line of Sight” between 2 of your peice. That is real simple compared to GO since with go you have to surround (group of) peices and once you capture it those peices goes off the board then the previously occupied space and be reused again and stuffs. There are a few more rules for capturing stones and stuffs. It is hard to explains the rule and concept of it cause it really is complicated.

The only real similarity between Reversi and GO is the peices and the similarity of the board layout (the layout IS different and with GO it is a important part of starting a game).

I’ve played go before and no it’s not called reversi… It’s a good fun game involving too much logic for just about anyone to understand

yeah, am sorry, allready apologised to rad in the smc channel. I mixed them up. but you’ve got to admit It looks teribly much like reversi…


Yeah I can understand that though it is more like Reversi look like GO :stuck_out_tongue:

It allright cause most ppl don’t really knows about GO but I suggest that y’all look it up and try it out online (I think yahoo has it in it’s online game section).

Warning: it is very complicated despite simple rule so be prepared to play a few game before winning.

I still have my goldeneye n64 cartridge :slight_smile: I voted for crit though