Game actuaters. Not sure what has too be done first.

I’m getting my second horribly drawn and horribly animated game done up, but it’s big enough that I would like too give the game the option too save, and load up there saved games of course. Is there any special set up I have too do first like making a new file or something. Cause my set up starts games but it does not save them.

If you keep your game variables in the “globalDict”, you can use “bge.logic.saveGlobalDict()” and “bge.logic.loadGlobalDict()”
see here

and than use the save/load actuator :slight_smile:

It made a file, on it’s own that looks similar, I have too admit I wasn’t paying attention too what was global or not I’ll have too do a sweep. Maybe thats why it isn’t loading anything.


  1. write the data to globalDict (e.g. the location of an object)
  2. activate the save actuator


  1. activate the load actuator
  2. wait for the next logic tick that the data is loaded
  3. read the data from globalDict and use it. (e.g. apply it to an object)

I hope it helps

PS: I can also check the saveLoader (2.49b)

Ok thanks alot, is there a page I can find a scene script I can use so whenever there is a transition between scenes the engine doesn’t reset all of my properties. Even better, some transfer modules so I can make multiple entry points into levels depending on what paths the players choose too take. As it stands my character can club things, collect points, lose hitpoints and get run over by cars, get eaten by mutated cat fish near the river, but everything resets with every scene change and he loses his cool hat and his leather duster.

the properties will never reseted - they are just gone. The complete scene including all object with all properties die on scene change. All you can do is store some values in globalDict as described above and set the properties in the new objects of the new scene as described above.

I would suggest the saveLoader but most of the users think it is to complicated.

Make every property a globaldict property. then you can easily customize and save.