Game Actuator - open blend at specific scene ???

MainGame shows splash screen, then goes to options levels where the user can select
which mini game he (she) wants to go to,
on quitting the mini-game, should re-open the MainGame at option scene

Is it possible to ask game actuator to open game at specific scene

NOTE I just realize I could separate splash blend from option blend and make mini games them open at option blend… (spelling out the problem opens all sorts of new ways of looking at things :slight_smile: )

But still, any of specifying at what scene to open from game actuator?


I fear it’s Python, and file IO.
The first script would be in part: (not including annoying initialize GameLogic.veryBigThingy().withParenthesesLikeThis().)
change=open(“change.etc”, “w”)
AddActuator(gameactuator, 1)

The second one
change=open(“change.etc”, “r”)
changescene.setScene(tehscene, ?)#DON’T INCLUDE THE , ?
addActuator(changescene, 1)

Thanks, B3D00!

I was just wondering if there might have been a subplacement syntax like HTML #syntax to find a anchor point within the blend…