Game - Adamar: Crossing the Abyss Between Us

Hi, I want to show you the game that we are working right now.

all the assets are made in blender (modeling/texturing/sculpting), I am the main developer and I had teach 4 of my friends to use blender, I give they an intensive course of how to modeling/texturing/sculpting in blender and in only one week they all learned to use blender, they made all the assets except the main character because I need to make the programming.

I have modify the blender interface to no confuse they with all these buttons in blender, I give they a blender version that only have the tools for the work they do.

here is the video:

Nice work. I’m now inspired to make something like that.

Very impressive.
The visuals in particular are incredibly good, especially for developers with such limited experience.

Do you have a general concept for the game? It looks similar to the 3d Legend of Zelda titles from what you shown.

yes the game will be a little like zelda, but the levels will be more like banjo kazzoie or mario 64, a big level with many missions inside and you can do the mission that you want.

the sword in the video is like made of glass because he have the sword empty, but it can be filled with different powers, fire, ice, lightning and darkness, to kill specific enemies or resolve specific puzzles/missions.

Awesome, I look forward to seeing this game progress :slight_smile:

I’m a big Mario 64 fan myself

At least there’s some soul in BGE again :slight_smile:

Did anyone mentioned it was awesome? Oh men this is production quality. I have seen commercial games a lot worse then this. This is gonna set a new standard for blender games if you can continue this. Love the sword concept.

This is really cool. Nice video and work you have put into this.

I think that you misunderstood… the game is not made in bge, is made in unity but all the graphics are made in blender, the models, animations, textures, sculpting.

We are making some corrections to the game, remaking the animations, changing the sound effects, and correcting the sizes of the characters relative to the houses.

soon I will upload another video with the corrections and with a little of the story.