Game And Menu

Hi I making A game and want to know how do i example make 8 mission anda menu for the game and example in the menu i can click on missions i see then 8 missions but all are locked without mission 1 and when i finish mission 1 mission 2 be unlocked … and so and example a back arrow to get back to the menu and options button and exit .Please Help Me (I has not make any Missions Now For Im Waiting To Know How To Make A menu For The Missions.)

Well that one takes time, you can’t just make it, you have to put some time into it, I recomend making a couple missions and adding the menu later, that wouldn’t be hard like you are probably thinkint it would be, just make two missions or something in separate blend files, and when you get that done most people will be able to help you better.

OK Thanks Im thinking to Make From 6-12 Missions And i Want to know what do i do are you mean that im make evry mission in a separate .blend File.

You don’t have to make every mission in separate blend files.
You can just make each mission a new scene, which is what I do but it may help if there are a lot of polys (hundreds of thousands maybe?)

A menu system is just made by adding new scenes and placing a plane in front of the camera which will have an image on it with what you want. You can then layer things up using meshes and text if you want.
Then you can either animate a selection process and use keys or make hover buttons for your cursor.

Just do some searches for menus in BGE and you’ll find some tutorials.