game animation problem

Hello this is my second thread , i have a problem i made a character and i animated it making three actions for it. But now there´s only one and the game runs realy weird, and of course i cant put animated textures in it, i dont know how make them work, blender has turn more complicate and with many bugs.Im making this game for the BG competition of this week. This is my character:

one of the actions there (corcovear) is from another armature, is realy a big bug

Your description is very unclear:

  • is your problem you are missing actions after reopening the .blend file? (do a search it is mentioned pretty often)
  • “the game runs realy weird” is a really weird description. I have no idea what you mean.
  • I do not see why you need animated texture on an action. Animated textures in the BGE are possible. They do not belong to the animation system.
  • Bugs are taken very seriously within the Blender development. Please report them to the BUG tracker.

Dude! just hit F button in front of every action name this will tell blender to save it even if it is not in use (i mean in animation not in game)

thaks KASHI$H and Monster , aíi read the guide BGE Guide to Character Setup ​ and see what happens, i asill have too many things to learn about blender game engine and the documentation is hard to find.

don’t worry just post your problems…