Game animation question =B

I have a fully rigged charater, and following the gingerbread man tutorial, I made an animation with forwad kinematics, but now, how I make different animations for the same charater(walking,standing and such) and how I export them to a game?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, if you like you can point old threads with the same problem or some tutorials, right now I´ll search the animation section tutorials, but I would be gratefull for any help :smiley:

I’m going to assume the character is rigged via envelopes and not vertex weights.

If you’re planning on using blender’s game engine it’s easy:

  1. I’d suggest saving to another file (e.g. character-model_game.blend).
  2. With the skeleton in pose mode, click one of the character’s meshes. Ctrl+Tab to go into weight mode.
  3. Click each bone that’s close by (tho I’d suggest limiting it to 4 or less bones if you can) and hit W to transfer the enevelope weights.
  4. Repeat with each mesh.

You might also need to parent the mesh to the skeleton before you do this, I forget. Turn off evenopes in the armature modifier to test it, and it should work in blender game.

Other tips :

Try to keep it to one material/texture. Makes it easier to export. So one texture has skin, clothing, and hair texturing. And I guess you could have another one for alpha maps for hair and clothing, but using the same UV information as the first. (some engines let you use a single png file for both color and opacity info).

Good luck, hope that helps.

Thanks, I have foud a excelent tutorial too (at the adress below), I have heard that it will replace gus tutorial soon (not sure if this is true), anyone with questions about animation basics should see it