Game anti-lag

Is there an effective way to decrease lag in a blender game? every time I try to play, my game will take almost 6 seconds just to load, and the rasterizer, GPU Latency and Overhead are all above 50% and counting…This is not good for a game that is barely even started
I have also noticed that if I make another scene and then create a camera in that other scene, it will slow the start-up of the game(when you press “p”) quite a bit…is there a reason and a solution? or is that just me…

Well it depends on a lot of things… These are the main causes of lag:

  • Your PC specifications: If you have a slow PC, it will run slow.
  • Things like shaders and filters slow down the rasterizer, and the more it has to process, the longer it takes.
  • Lights and shadows: actively generating shadow maps and lighting on every object in the scene is demanding.
  • Poly-count is important. The more triangles in your mesh, the longer it takes to load (the more space it takes) and it takes longer for the gpu to render.
  • Texture size is the main cause to long loading – the larger the texture is, the more the hard drive has to load, and the more the gpu has to draw.

These can be countered by a few methods:

  • LOD (Level of Detail): As you get further away from an object, it loses detail, therefore objects further away do not take as much processing power.
  • Pre-baked lighting: Instead of processing a shadow map and light actively, you can bake the lighting to “fake” the effect.
  • Occlusion culling: all objects outside of the frame/field of view of the camera are not drawn until they come into frame.
  • Reducing poly-count and texture size.
  • Optimizing shaders and scripts.

Hope I helped.

Yep, thanks :slight_smile: I’m already aware of the poly count, and I TRY to keep it to a minimum…I don’t use too much python…only 2 so far, so most of my game (like 97%) is done with logic bricks. I know, it isn’t the best method :confused: So you’re saying that there’s a way for the Level of Detail to become less detailed the farther you are and vice versa? How you do mean “bake the effect” of lighting?

thanks (extra useless words)