Game Art: Damaged Props (Handpainted)

A game optimized asset I have been working on for practice. Textures made in photoshop by me. Critiques are welcome! (Still WIP)



I repainted the chipped paint (lol) and gave it a little bit of depth by highlighting the edges of chipped areas

double post >_>

Looks nice, one thing I might suggest is making the painted areas a bit cleaner to add contrast to the sign. Neat model!

Your foliage is currently casting shadows from the whole mesh. Try baking the lighting for your ground plane.

New prop (Handpainted aswell):

378 Faces

1024*1024 Diffuse, Normal, Specular


new prop:

1635 faces, 2048*2048 texture


This is probably one of the best texturing jobs I’ve seen in a long time. Quite professional.

Only a small critique, I know you probably tried to avoid tiling, but it does look a little like some of the textures tile a bit in some spots, like some of the scratches and cracks repeat in various parts of the texture, albeit at different angles. Perhaps it’s just me, though. =|

All in all, a job very well done, though. If I were to make a game, I’d hire you! =D


thanks JDaniels :smiley: and yea, I agree about the concrete base. It was meant to be placeholder, so I didnt focus on it much. In the game it was made for, the base will be removed.


I have some questions regarding your work.
When you say handpainted, do you mean that you handpainted the object in blender with texture paint mode?
Also you said, that you made the textures using photoshop. Can I ask you how do you proceed? For example for the gas tanks… do you use a metal-texture as a base and then add the scratches and rust to it?
Could you upload an picture of the uv-layout of these gas-tanks as well?

I am really into game-art and I want to become as good as you some day, so hope you could help me out a bit. Also, do you know of any good texturing tutorial? How did you achieve your skills?

Thanks for your answers!

Greetings André

a-k-m - thanks! I painted it like this(in photoshop): made a metal base layer, added a solid color paint layer, then I paint a mask to give the effect of chipped paint. Then I put an image of rust on top of everything, set to multiply. I have a rust image which I painted. Then I do other details, like bolts, vents, signs, etc… After that, I paint a dirt map on top of everything. Unfortunately I dont have a UV map image handy, and I’m on a different computer.

Perhaps I can make a texturing tutorial :smiley: There are several hard-surface painting tutorials out there, though I’ve never tried any. The best way to learn is to practice all the time.

Ok, I have to replace all my ugly textured models in my game step by step by some professional looking ones like yours. This will make the game much more professional looking. It would be great if you did a tutorial!! I, and I think many others would thank you a lot and appreciate your effort :slight_smile:
And for sure; practice, practice, practice is the key.

Just one question… Do you use the uv-layout as a template in photoshop to do the painting? Or how do you know eg. where to place the “warning flamable” sign?

yes, I export uv-layout (set the fill opacity to 0). I’m not great at making tutorials, but maybe sometime I can just video myself making a texture for something. I just put the warning flammable in a place where it would be noticeable, which is where you would want it, if you want people to see it.

Nice work mokazon! I like the tanks! They look really cool. I’m a little jealous on you’re texturing skills lol

@a-k-m Here is a really AWESOME tutorial about Hard surface painting… Maybe you did already know it: