Game art models

Hi everyone. I started modelling a compressor. Everything is created for game-art. What do you think?


looking nice

can you show some wiremesh

and can you explain process to get it in Sketchfab I guess in 3D

always wanted to do that ?
did you use cycles of bl for material?

happy cl

Hi @RickyBlender!
First and second renders were rendered in Cycles and everything modelled in Blender. All textures were created in Substance Painter.

Textures on Sketchfab comes straight from Substance Painter.


and can you explain process to get it in Sketchfab I guess in 3D

Sorry, I don’t understand, could you explain your question better?

did you add material in bl and cycles?

I think sketchfab needs bl materials
so if you have only cycles mat you must bake before and then use bl to export it !

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I did’t create any materials. I imported mesh to Substance Painter, then baked normals, id, curvature etc. Then I created textures and exported them. For materials on Sketchfab I didn’t use Cycles and Internal.

You can import textures on Sketchfab manually (on the site).

never use this Substance painter
will have to test something later on and see how it goes !

would be nice to see some cycles mat !

what else you want to add to your scene

nice work

happy cl

Substance Painter is one of those very powerful tools.
Sure, I will make Cycles materials later. In this project I will model and texture only compressor. It’s very good chance to improve texturing skills.

Update! High and low poly are finished. Now I have to bake everything and texture.

High-poly (3M triangles):

Textures are finished, I’m not sure about this oil leakage.
Let me know what do you think about it.
Almost 16k triangles.

Blender, Substance Painter, Marmoset

good clean modelling and texturing, great work

Very a nice job :slight_smile: +1

Thanks guys!

Sketchfab viewer

Great stuff, I love the materials. The only critique I can think of is: When a wire intersects with another body, I would add a grommet. That way it makes it look like the wire was meant to go there.

The welding looks great :slight_smile:

@ferrettank: Thank you for your critique! I can’t add new objects to this model, because mixing baked maps in PS took too much time. I will remember about it next time :wink:

@cmomoney: Thanks!

double post sorry !

Very nice work ! The only thing which stands out that I’d change (for realism) is the power cable. Compressor power cords are thicker than an outdoor extension cord and difficult to wrap/bend… not thin and flimsy like spaghetti. And they’re only a few feet long, maybe 4-5 feet.

I took this just for you:

But maybe this is not a concern of yours ! Either way your model looks very good. Is this for roofing simulator 2017??? Hahaha.

Great artwork! For me looks like finished. Very nice texturing!

Thanks for tips! I can’t change anything in mesh, because maps preparing took too much time, but I will remember for the future.

Thanks! It needs some texture tweaks and will be finished.

QUOTE [ I’m not sure about this oil leakage.
Let me know what do you think about it.]

Hi McGavish, great model.
Compressor oil doesn’t tend to carbon up like engine oil, so when it leaks it is almost the same colour and consistency of new oil, pail straw in colour and transparent.