Game Art Old Ford Van

Game Art Old Ford Van
Soft: Blender 2.46
Textures: Gimp
Render: Blender Internal AO
Textures: 1x2048x2048+NormalMap

Final version (High Poly)
Render: Blender Internal AO

Great low poly modeling, and the texturing looks great.
One think though…
Although it has obviously been sitting for a long time, so I don’t think that there would be mud splatters from the tires, the rain would have washed them off

wow texturific! Thats gotta be the next thing i learn more about. Thanks for posting the maps.
One note, I’ve never seen an old econoline that didn’t have a big honkin dent in one of the doors.

I love seeing top notch quality low poly stuff. Thank you.

wow, very good texturing. A little bit on the heavy side on tris, but this would definitely be eye candy.
edit: After second glance, this is very good low-poly modelling, I just made a low poly car and after looking over it, I found it had over 7k tris, and it doesnt look as good as this. good job.

Wow, here’s someone who really knows his work :slight_smile:

Extremely well done… is this actually going to be in a game at some time?

Excellent low poly :slight_smile: 5 star

Professional work!

Fantastic. Hard to spot the difference between lo and hi poly.

Simply amazing!

Everything is perfect.

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Thanks for the comments to my work.
Thanks to all for

Unfinished scene

(click the larger image)

What’s you’re target platform? It’s gotta be next gen, but damn, that’s a lot of texture space for a background element. I don’t even know the specs for the 360 / PS3, and I’ve not been paying attention to polycounts / texture space for games beyond the source engine, so maybe this is the norm now on next gen stuff.

It looks friggin great, regardless. Definitely a nice addition to a portfolio.

This texture work looks a bit beyond what the ps3 or 360 is capable of, not that im particularly bothered by this.

Professional stuff!

Top notch texturing.


This is honestly one of the best models I’ve come across on the blender forums. So well textured, you can barely tell this is a low-poly model. This is something I would expect to see come out of a professional game development studio. In fact, it looks like something straight out of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

[LEFT]I saw the Ford van and Warsaw m20 on the game artist forum
This accuracy of detail is impressive
This masterpiece did not see often in commercial games[/LEFT]

Truly amazing texturing!
This deserves gallery!

that looks way awsome with the textures:spin:
the deflated tires add a nice affect.

less than 5,000 tris for a photorealistic car is amazing!
definitely, ☆☆☆☆☆

How long does it take to create your great textures?