[Game Art] PadPunk

New Character “PadPunk” for next release of World of Padman.

tris: 2056
tex: 2 * 512x512 + 1 * 512x256 (color/defuse/alpha)

On this one I did:

  • model
  • uv
  • rig
  • animation

concept and textures by ENTE (project lead)

(viewport render, no mipmap)


And here is the little rendered turntable clip we posted on the page. ^^

I like :slight_smile:

I like too! Cool character!

very nicely executed!

Looks great, especially for a game character.

Wow, Colour in a 3D game character. I thought they outlawed that with the proliferation of the Unreal 3 engine…

Looks very good. I like the style and the vividness of the game. I miss colour, I’m glad someone is bringing it back

Thanks guys, glad you like it. :slight_smile:

@Rorkimaru: Yes this fabled ‘next-gen’ thing is a sad grey and brown paste much too often. :wink:

Great texturing work!

yeah, greater level of (bright?)saturation is needed. :smiley: