Game between load scene

Hey all,

In the game of dragon ball z, you can play a minigame when the real game is loading.
I was wondering if this is also possible in blender.
So when you start the game, and it begins loading… you have a sign that sais load… but also another small game you can play while the other scene is loading.

Is this possible? If you just make a scene in between he will lagg and dont do anything. :wink:

Thanks ^^

This isn’t possible yet in the BGE, unfortunately. It’s seems to be one of the most sought-after features posted about in the Game Engine section. Still frames (as you mentioned) are the only possibility at the moment. Someday… :smiley:

Haha oke thanks for the reply. :wink:

2.6 should have that ability I believe, so maybe pretty soon(so you know when they finish making 2.5 it will be called 2.6)

With 2.50 it might be possible. As far as I know the dynamic loading still blocks the game loop, but you might be able to load small portions of the next level as a background scene.

it is because the .blend file is read and the scene data are converted from .blend format to BGE format.
This can take same time, depending on how much data it is.