Game: Blend the person above you!

1 These are guidelines, not rules.
2 This is a game, not a contest.
3 If you think it sucks, post it anyway.
4 If someone else beat you to a certain name, post it anyway.
5 Use your imagination. If it’s "Block01cube, it should be pretty straightfoward. Just be sure to give it interesting lighting. If it’s “zgm-html”…yeah

I’ll start it off.

here’s “theeth”, :
in acordance with the 3rd guideline

What is a snargle? :o

(but i dont see how this should go in offtopic…)

Egg, I blended you ;).


OMG it’s block01cube

I made you block01cube…I didn’t have much imagination lol…sry

:o. OMG it looks just like me!

:slight_smile: :wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry for poor quality MrBomb

LoL I was wondering if someone would do me :slight_smile:

nice one, SkeLeToR!

I’m a bomb with arms and legs? Wow I didn’t know that.

Wow… 15 minutes pass and already there are two mr. bombs!!! Oh, well, I feel kinda silly now, but:

great idea snargle

Two? I see three :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a GCat:

hahaha that one was cool :slight_smile:
hmm how would i make Planet person? :expressionless: a person on a planet :wink: :slight_smile: , il tryed my best

Hey, NOR.J, did you like the game?

I’m a PLANTperson, not a PLANETperson… sorry.

Here’s my PlantPerson… Whipped it up in a few minutes…


PlantPerson, GCat is amazed at photorealistic portrait :smiley:

a NOR map of a J ;).

/I guess my name could be excluded :slight_smile: