Game Blender Idea

(Meliadoul) #1

Im not expecting a whole lot responses but Im curious what are Game Blenders capabilities concerned when it comes to a third person view RPG. Is it at all possible. Because Im somewhat a newbie but not really. Iv made really cheapo games before in Blender but have found a great fasination for RPGs. So if it were possible perhaps I could get some pointers.

When it comes the games look nothing really elebrate but just if its possible. Oh and one other question can particles be used in the game engine and if not what is the substitute.

(blenderage) #2

you’d probably get better answers in the realtime engine forum but technically a 3d RPG is possible but its always easier said than done. Level up damage and the rest of it can be easily made with property logic bricks, the main resrictions in game blender is framerate trying to blance complexity with speed isnt easy but anything is possible. You can’t use particles in the game engine so what you have to do is create a plane with a texture (e.g smoke or fire) and use an add object actuator with a posotive pulse sensor. Hope that hepls.

(joecool) #3

particles are not possible

(CubeFan973) #4

A Word Of Warning: We tried to do an RPG back when was still community central. (Sigh…) It was a community project about cloning companies (pointless info: I wrote the script). But due to lack of activity, the project was shut down. Why am I telling you this? Know this: Try to get everyone to get their job done as quickly as possible while still maintaining quality. For example, if you’re going to have spoken words in the game, have the actors read all their lines as soon as possible, and piece it all together afterward. This is if you make it a “community project” where anyone can get involved. If you make it alone, still do it all as quickly as possible while maintaining quality.

(CubeFan973) #5

PS: As a matter of fact, whenever we tried a “community game,” it failed miserably. Anyone remember “Sphere Riders?”

(blenderage) #6

hmm, Id like to a community fighting game, the engine would be easy to set up, all people would have to submit would be fighters and a required set of actions puch,kick,got hit (low high) you get the picture. This worked well for a 2d fighting engine called MUGEN and there are loads of versions where people loaded in sprites of Street fighter characters and DragonballZ (those who like manga will know what im on about) It would be really cool and im sure I could get it to work but easier said than done eh.

(CubeFan973) #7

That sounds cool, blenderage! I have a weird-looking knight (not finished) that could work! Special moves are allowed, right? I mean, if it hits the person at a certain level of their body (i.e. high, middle, low), they can react normally, right? If so, cool! I’ve got to start working on the chicken for the knight (just watch a little Monty Python to figure out what I mean)!

I’m sure that such a thing can be done in Blender’s game engine. I’ll have to search the forum for the health bar thing. Hmm… a little properties, a little IPOs, a couple of levels to throw the characters into, and we’ve got a community project!

PS: Just remember, tell them to work on it as soon as possible!

(blenderage) #8

Yes, health bars are easy! I made a game which had a power level bar too which meant that the character could only do moves at a certain power level. All you would need to make such a game is a set of protocols to follow when making the character. Its a shame im back at colledge and dont have as much time… sigh

(Skanime) #9

Sounds interesting. You say stuff about DBZ, the game could be made into a DBZ style thing allowing for flight and energy attacks. Onces Saluk is done with his server/client thing, the game could be put online, allowing for masive brawls. Would anyone else be interested in such a thing? I know alot of the models we will make for the cyberpunk game could probably be used.

If we are going to make it DBZish, I have some roleplaying books for a roleplaying game for DBZ, that would give use ideas for differnet powers and such. I think it could be fun. Anyone else, or am I just crazy?

(Meliadoul) #10

Wait a sec how do I make smoke or fire in the game engine without using particles and what the heck are logic blocks and how do I use them?

(blenderage) #11 has loads of good textures and models for that sort of thing and I think that most of it can be done without python, I will put up a post on the real-time engine forum see who else is interested.

(Skanime) #12

Cool. Except that site doesn’t work.

(blenderage) #13

I dont know the exact site name sorry but I know it was called that, I have the adress at my home computer. Will send when I get it. It has a 30,000 polygon DXF of Goku on it :smiley: