Game Blender People

(Blender_owl) #1

Well just by reading the subject you already know what im asking :slight_smile:
Its been asked a total of four times (including on the old blender forums)
But theres never been a pole. Acutally i need this info if the editors a gamasutra want to write a feature on blender. ( i asked them to but i got no response yet)
How old are ye blenderheads?

(Pooba) #2

Hey, what is up with this? 17-30? Why are old guys doing this?!
Jk, old guys are cool (but not as cool) just like us young people. :wink:

(jrt) #3

So what happened to the over 60s, don’t they exist anymore? Has Blender suddenly become out of bounds for us?(or me!)


(Blender_owl) #4

sorry jrt i ment to put 60+ :frowning:
My alopgizies
Can you ever forgive me :wink:

(sara) #5

more than 60 doenst exist for young people.
:smiley: :smiley:

(Doc Holiday) #6

So, i have to take my Pills and search for my walking tick to beat Poobas Ass back to Preschool. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


(dreamsgate) #7

What do you mean old people aren’t cool. I’m 34 and very cool. Young thing don’t make come over there and spank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Piraniac) #8

well, i’m 18 and definately not ‘cool’ :slight_smile:
Pooba, you calling me old!?!? i therefore assume the wisdom and concessions that come with age :wink:

cheers folks

(jrt) #9

Blender_owl wrote:-

sorry jrt i ment to put 60+
My alopgizies
Can you ever forgive me

No problem Blender owl, apology accepted. I didn’t want to be snuffed out just yet. I hope I still have a few happy Blending years to come. I would certainly recommend Blender to anyone of my age group,(or anyone else for that matter)it helps to keep your brain active and gives you something else to live for. I love it!

sara wrote:-

more than 60 doenst exist for young people.

As for you sara, hope you don’t include yourself in this group, if so,
just wait till you get to 64, I’ll still be here, waiting to remind you of what you said…and kick you’re ass!(blenderphorically speaking of course!)


(Blender_owl) #10

is anyone younger than me? (im 14)

(PlantPerson) #11

I’m almost 14, having EXTREME FUN making games with blender, and I am definitely not cool. I grow plants (why???) by the dozens, I read the buisiness section and not the sports section (oh you insane person!) and listen to (GASP!!!) CLASSICAL music!!! Argg! What kind of uncool idiot is this plantperson??

(saluk) #12

Yer pretty cool plant person:)

You’re not uncool, just a bit older than your age:)

(Blender_owl) #13

Plant Person, so far you are the only one younger than me. I started using blender when i was 11, what about you?

(Pooba) #14

I started using blender when i was 12, and i’m 14 now. Old people can be cool, but i’ve yet to meet one in person!


(jrt) #15

Old people can only be cool from a distance Pooba (The further the better usually!)When you meet them face to face they quickly become uncool…BORING I think the term is!


(dreamsgate) #16

hah! wait til you are not so young anymore, bet you still think you are cool.

hehe, up close I am never boring

besides age is a relative matter, you are only as old as you act and feel.

(jrt) #17

How long do you think I need to wait dreamsgate? Do you reckon another 64 years would be enough before I start feeling and acting my age?.. Nerr! maybe a bit longer than that!

BTW PlantPerson, I’ve spent over 15 years growing and selling plants for a living, so there’s hope for you yet! (Mind you I don’t listern to classical music. I grew out of that about 35 years ago!)


(PlantPerson) #18

I started when I was 11… I had been using Anfy3D (Don’t ask) when I found Blender at The rest is history, as they say.

Thanks guys, you’re the first people who ever said I was cool.

(phrog) #19

I never knew there were so many people that young using blender. I’m 15 and I’ve only been using it for about a year and a bit. I started with a demo of trueSpace 3 but now I see blender kicks trueSpace’s arse with a highly detailed orange foot.

Keep blending, jrt.

What games have you made, Plant person? I’m startng my first, which is an adventure action thingy.

(dreamsgate) #20

jrt… sounds like you may never grow up and be old :stuck_out_tongue:

good for you.