Game Board

So the work in progress about this is the rules hahaha
I’ve designed the actual board and the basic pieces, but I am still thinking up the best rules for this.

If you have any suggestions especially about creating better game pieces, please comment, I want to improve the aesthetic more as well!

once I have the rules all set out, I may even do a short animation with the game pieces moving to show a little bit of the game play (:

I actually really like the game pieces. Very clean and simple. They echo the nature of the board. To add subtle complexity, you could model the colour tips as seperate objects so you get a bit of a groove between the colours and the black.

I think the edge of the board does not really fit the style of everything else. Wood works for sure, but maybe a cleaner profile?

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Thanks for the comment! something maybe a little more like this? ^
(I’ve added subtle crevices to the models as well)

Yeah, I would say that is better. It looks like an intriguing game.