game capabilities

I am working on the graphics for a game that is being put together in belender game engine. the person I am working with has continusly asked me to reduce the sizes of the textures and models that I am working on. I just want to know what the stander size for a texture in this game engine would be. also it seem that I had used to many for each object ( 19 textures a piece for 4 object total). are these real limataions of the engine, or just the hardware we are using?
thanks for the help, sam

The standard texture size for a game object depends greatly on the relative size of that object.

Afaik, the BGE has no limitations on the size of texture you can use. It all depends on weather or not your hardware (and more importantly the hardware of the people who will play your game) can handle the load.

For the most part the standard texture size would be 256x256 (on average). Smaller is better, but too small can be worse than too big. For smaller objects, which the player won’t see close up, you can use lower res textures. For things which are close up, bigger, you would use higher res. If it’s a repeating texture then you can go pretty lo-res and then have that texture scaled down and repeat all the way across the mesh, which would consume less memory than doing a hi-res texture for an entire wall IE.

Phew…It’s a fine art really. You have to kinda play around with it. I personally never go below 128 and never above 512 (unless I’m setting up a skybox, which usually needs to be a higher resolution)

so would having one 4000x200 image for an entire building be too much?

how big is the building and how important is it in the game?


Also, it would be a good idea to make your textures in square increments of 64, because from what I understand blender resizes any textures that are not in this format, which takes more memory and a few extra clock cycles.

Hmm… sounds like the textures you were using would certainly bog down any machine. The enormous size isn’t the real speed issue, though. It’s the improper scale, as Social said. I would like to add to his comment, though. Images dimensions should be in powers of 2, so not all multiples of 64 will work. I think it used to be that they could be in multiples of 64 (or more likely that was a typographical error in the game engine documentation), but the rendering code has apparently changed (I’ve seen the code myself) and all images that have dimensions other than powers of 2 will be scaled in memory. For a file the size you’re talking about, this eats a ton of memory up. Scale them down to powers of 2. You’ll be amazed at the results.

About the number of textures, it does sound to me like you are using a lot of textures, but that all depends on the particular project. Maybe some of them could be combined into one image and UV mapped accordingly.