Game character animation: Ninja

:Z Behold, the magnificenty of Zorro, the masked crusader for the poor and oppressed ! :Z

In the last… well, this week, I’ve been animating this ninja character.
It’s for testing character animation as are most of my animations. Don’t consider that an excuse for anything.
I tried to make a running animation, in which, in my opinion, I did allrigth. Then I tried to make a walking animation, which isn’t as good, but I guess it’s ok.
Basically all this is for a game I have thought of making with the blender game engine. Ninja going and flipping out and kickin’ butt (other ninjas, mutants and samurai guards, and some minions). I even talked to jsplifer at #blenderchat about it! WOW!

And, If anyone wishes to get the actions/animations for their own projects,
just ask. Of course it would be nice if the animator would be mentioned in the credits.

Ok, here are the anims.

Run ~700kb
Walk ~950kb

here’s when I got frustrated with animating
(a loop ^^ tip: open with oldie media player > repeat forever)

enjoy. I mean, you don’t have to if it doesn’t come naturally, you know.

oh, and please do comment if you wish :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. Your venting animation made me laugh really hard.

A few crits:

Both cycles need to be a bit more “relaxed”. He looks far too tense to be natural. The head needs to bob a bit, the shoulders need to move, his head should move side to side, etc. Good start. Keep adding details.

thanks. those are like, base anims, which are to be worked into different styles. neutral to be modified.

In the walking animation the arms and the knees need to bend more and you need to move the hips more up and down.

Nice cycle walk

ok, here’s a further edited one,

hehe… my topics’ lifespan is short :wink:

there pretty nice dude.