Game Character Clothing To Use In Unity

Hi. Firstly, I’m new here so if this isn’t the right place, please point me in the right direction, I’ll be more than grateful. Now my problem: I have a character I designed in MakeHuman and I’ve imported the model (rigged) into blender and it’s got no clothing. I want the character to have trousers (the saggy type like a dhoti) and I think I’ve got to use the cloth modifier.

MY QUESTION IS: What is a suitable workflow for making a model (rigged and clothed) so that it animates correctly and even imports in Unity without problems (too many, at least). Is it first rigging -> clothing -> animating OR rigging -> animating -> clothing (in unity) Or any other workflow that I’m missing.

If this process involves the use of external tools, that’s all right. A basic workflow would be very helpful.

Thanks so much in advance… :smiley:

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It’s not likely that cloth simulated in Blender will work in Unity. You might be better off rigging and animating that by hand.

Cloth sims don’t transfer to Unity at all. However, in Unity you can add a cloth simulation component that allows you to essentially weight paint (in Unity editor) the goal weights so that you mix cloth simulation with the default animation from the parented armature.

So there’s two workflows here. For very loose clothing you only weight a few vertices to the armature where the clothes should follow the body. Then you would weight those vertices in Unity cloth and leave the rest to full simulation, adding colliders for body parts.

The other workflow involves skinning all of the clothing and then weighting in Unity cloth until you get the desired effect.

Of course this will add a bit of overhead to your game.

There are other techniques to avoid overhead, like folding shapes or jiggle bones, but I can’t help you with those.