Game Character Contest Entry

You can see the WIP thread here:

I just finished texturing this evening. The textures didn’t turn out as well as I wanted, because the were kind of rushed to make the contest deadline. He’s bald because I ran out of time to do hair :-?

that’s a huge forehead… [but from my memory of the proportions of the human face, it may only be too big because the eyebrows and recess below the brow are too small or missing]

I’m curious how this looks with dynamic lighting

otherwise, you did a better job on textures than I could have hoped to manage in the time

You’re probably right z3r0 d, I modeled the face based on someone else’s sketches, and it was only after I saw it in 3D that I realized how oddly proportioned it was. I corrected some things, but there’s probably others I didn’t notice.

I’m glad you like the textures. Like I said they were really rushed. The hands especially could use more work.

Here’s how it looks with realtime lighting.
The shaddow is just a flattened copy of the character coloured black.