Game character: Final adjustements before sculpting!

Ok low poly game model that I will make a sculpt out of. Would like to have some crits on the anatomy. Or the size of the different body parts. I think the neck and head looks a bit weird. But I’m not sure how to change it. Any ideas? It’s going to be slightly cartoonish style btw. Thanks :wink:

Well considering that you said it was going to be a cartoonesque final product, and that it’s a fantasy creature, I can’t help you with anatomy, but I would make the feet and lower legs smaller, make the neck thinner near the head, widen the shoulders, and maybe a few other random tweaks, but it’s up to you.

Well I am not sure about manimal anatomy and if you are aiming for a cartoonish style that I don’t really think I can help you.

Sculpt on him for a bit and post the results here, then we can tell you if something looks wrong.

looks like a good base mesh! maybe you could make the shoulders and arms bigger? the feet look kinda big in the side view, but other than that i think it looks fine. Posing this could help too - I think he’d look more natural with his back more hunched over. it might also make for a better transition from the chest to the neck

when you get to sculpting, you might wanna take a look at this for an anatomy reference:

good luck

From the pose, it looks to be somewhat the wolfman-type critter, and as such, looks too thin about the chest and thorax, which is what’s making the neck and feet seem over-large imo. I think it could use substantially more volume in the middle-abdomen, chest and shoulder regions, if you want it to look more threatening or even just more battle-capable.

If, on the other hand, you’re going more for a foxy look, then reduce the curvature, thickness and length of the neck somewhat, and remove the bulge in the “adam’s apple” region seen in the profile ortho – it interrupts an otherwise smooth curve from chest up to the underside of the jaw, makes it look less “sleek.” Increase the length & bushiness of the tail, it looks a bit small proportionally, for a fox-type manimal.