Game character hair mapping issue

I have been been learning/working on a game character for a couple days now and im currently trying to make decent game hair and for my purposes just shaped planes work fine. My issue is that the mapped hair is doing some odd things that the hair guide i read didnt really cover. Some parts of the hair are making everything under it transparent and some parts are pixelated as you will see in the image. Also, excuse the fairly poor quality, im still learning :wink:

You will notice the transparent parts of hair that cover her face make her face transparent as well. I have been playing around with the different blend options and Mix is what is giving this issue but it also looks like thats the setting i need.

Do i need to add another map of some sort? Currently the only texture i am using is just the one hair texture.

Sorry if this is a simple answer but i couldn’t seem to figure out what i am looking for.

Thanks! =-D

Have you tried to recalculate the Normals on the Head (ctrl+n)? Looks like a Normal-Problem to me.
Maybe a double sided Material will help on the Hair. Not shure thou.