Game character - Japanese girl

Hello all!

I’m new to the forums and a quite inexperienced in 3D art. I’m pretty good with the technical aspects of Blender because I’ve played with it on and off over the last several years, but I don’t have any formal art training. I would really love some feedback!

This character is going in to a game that I’m working on. The first two images are from Unity. My main concerns are:

  1. Does the model have any features that stick out as particularly strange?
  2. Does any one have good strategies for dealing with skirt deformations? Is it best to try and use physics, or am I better off rigging it and manually doing the animations?
  3. I’m struggling a lot trying to make the elbow geometry deform properly. Does anyone have any tips for this?

Thanks so much!

Eyes are pretty much the first thing people look at in characters.
I would recommend that you make her eyes look more relaxed. They look like they have seen some pretty crazy stuff. or she’s been consuming a lot of energy drinks.

Most of these are probably a style thing, so not that strange, but I list this stuff in case it comes handy. Big eyes and head are factors for cuteness

She doesn’t look particularly japanese or even asian because of the eyes (and eyelashes). Head shape should probably be a bit more narrow for a japanese girl, even though rounder head shape might be preferable as a cuteness factor in japanese culture.

The head is big. I mean 1-2 year old with developed breasts -big. Not wobbly head doll -big, though.

The body is 4.5 heads tall and the head is almost as wide as the shoulders, which is closer to newborn.