Game Character model

Didn’t really know where to put this, so I put it here lol

I want some feedback on the model, and if possible, also on the proportions and stuff. This is a game character I am working on for a game.

Poly Count: 3046 polygons

Cheers =]


Demandink wireframez!


not really sure if there is a special way to take a snapshot of the wireframes but here it is. My retopology(or is it topology?) skills for the face is not that good tho ORZ lol


Hrmm… Yes. Looks to me (in my amateur opinion) that it could definitely make use of face loops. If you prowl around BlenderCookie you can find some amazing tutorials on the topic of topology of the head. Johnathan Williamson has several vids there that I’m thinking of.


For sure, if it is a game model, verts count, and it looks like there is as many in the face as there are in the rest of the body. If you could reduce that, then it would probably benefit you. Nice looking game model though. =)
You should make two models, one high res for the animations, and cut scenes, then a low rez for the actual game.

@rking: Will do. I was able to learn character modeling thanx to Johnathan’s book in character development, so I know his tutorials will come in handy lol he is simple and neat in explaining things and make them more easy. Thanks for the suggestion =].

@indyz2: Really? I thought it was a fair amount lol I read in a few places that your character model is good as long as it does not exceed 3500 polygons, unless you are making a MMO game, then 1500 is the max. As for the comment on making a high res model, I will just work on the low res for now. The reason is, I just got into the 3D world very recently(since Nov. 2011), so I am still very noobish and stuff, so I wanna develop skills. Plus, I know absolutely nothing on how to make cut scenes and I am still debating on which engine I should study for game development(so far, either Unity3D or Blender game engine). Btw, Thanx a bunch for sharing your thoughts =]

Well I decided to not use this character for my game. I was working with a team supposedly but they quit on me, but I’ll share the model for anyone who wants to use it.

I like the direction but one thing sticks out to me. The head isn’t tall enough. The face is in the right spot but the forehead and hair are too low.