Game Character problem

hi everyone.
i’ve been working on a game project for a little while in my spare time (so i haven’t gotten much of it done lol) but i’m relatively new to the game engine. i was using the project as a way to learn the game engine and a few people started jumping on board to help, but no one else has any real knowledge of Blender beyond making very basic characters, and like i said, i’m fairly new to the game engine. anyway i was wondering about how I would go about making these guys: . this is some concept art one of my friends did of the enemies in the game, but is it possible to make them with all the effects like the smoky tails and glowing spines/eyes/glowing vein effect on their horns (and inside of their mouths too)? i’ve tried using the emitter option on other glowing objects in the level but it didn’t really create a glowing effect, it just made the colour look brighter. i also tried the halo option but it didn’t work on the game engine, it just came out solid like all the other materials. also, these guys attack in ‘packs’, so if there is a way to get the effects on them, will it overload the computer?

Awesome, thanks, that’ll be really helpful!

sorry for the dumb question, but what’s a glow map? i’ve heard of emissive maps before, but not a glow map. i mean, i’d assume it makes the glow, but how do i make one?

I followed the install part on theyoutube tutorial with the default scene,
used texture mode and glsl mode, then clicked on create particle system and it worked.
I am using blender v2.71.

i did the same, and yeah, 2.71 but i got this when i hit create particles as well

i’m also using a Mac, i don’t know if that changes anything.

You should start a separate thread probably for this bug.
It could very well be a Mac issue.

Just a thought;

Do you need GLSL shading for the effects? If so do you have it enabled? Multitexture shading is enabled by default.

I think so, and yeah, i have it enabled. this same (or very similar) message has popped up a few times now with other plug-ins as well.