Game character texturing in Cycles

OK, Im doin the game character thing, and making the move to cycles, as I like the node system for textures. I can’t seem to figure out how to make a brilliant texture in cycles and bake it to the UVs though. Can I just create all my materials and textures in cycles and save the project (export) as .OBJ or whatever and the textures will come? I need a texture,diffuse,bump map ect, don’t I? Or is cycles texturing for .jpeg type saves only for now. I can create and bake all my maps in Blender Internal and plug them in to cycles nodes with an image input node. Is this the way to go? Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thx in advance!

I think, cycle still doesn’t bake textures. You should remain in BI and bake textures from there. After that you can use the same textures in Cycles for Render. Same textures are usable in game as well.

Yeah, i was afraid of that. So I can bake BI textures for use in cycles, but cant use cycles textures to bake to UVs. Do I have that right?

yeah just bake the texture then save the image. After that when you go to cycles just input the image for the diffuse color.

what if I tweak the texture with the nodes, in cycles, or should I get it how I want it in BI and thats it? I want to make the texture, bake it then use the cycles nodes to add a gloss shader maybe. Is this possible?