Game Character (Warning: possible nudity, depending on your definition of nudity)

I started a thread a while back for a game character I was working on for an indie game as a hobby. I’ve been procrastinating for so long on various parts and haven’t really had the time, energy or enthusiasm to work seriously on it.

I’m on vacation for the next (now 2) weeks and managed to get it done.

I admit that I got lazy updating my work in progress topic. I’ve actually been working on it off and on. It was mainly the rigging that I was procrastinating on.

This character needs a great deal of mobility, and weighting wasn’t really going to cut it. The necklace posed an interesting challenge in rigging, and I had to learn how to rig spline IK.

I was pretty particular on what I wanted the shield to do. So my solution was to make a “steam punk” solution.

Here is a very short clip to demonstrate how it works.

Anyway shes all done and ready to animate and make sprite sheets out of.