Game Character WIP

well i know at this point u guys should be laughing at me but thats ok,its never to much when it comes to dreaming ^^
ok since i know ppl who post in this session of the forum WIP for games they develop theyr projects pretty fast so the updates go faster…but im really encouraged and willing to create my own game even if it takes a year to become a real wip or even more …
so if im wrong posting this here Mod u can move my thread to the apropriate session!!
anyways so heres what i get so far (im trying to model as low poly as possible but i want graphics compared to WoW maybe a bit lower):

plz folks critique and coment here ^^ since this is my first post and im hoping and expecting some motivation here hehe :wink:
Kind regards,

nice , try eliminating some edgey places .

This is a very nice sculpt! :smiley: You should remember to add lots of tiny details also of course. This makes it seem more professional :wink:

thanks for ur input but can u point me out what you mean when u say edgey places? (sorry tho english is not my first language so sometimes i dun get the point =/)

Thanks a lot for replying and for the compliment…when u say tiny details u mean the eyebrows,hair ,scars and other stuff?
i might sound stupid sometimes ppl and plz consider that as a part of the learning process hehe :wink:
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PS: btw is that a good amount of polys or i am exagerating on that for games(i mean games with great graphics but not so heavy then most of the ppl can play it)?

Thats definatly way to many polys for a game character. That model would make a good sculpt for baking a normal map though. For the finished character you will want probably 1-2k polys. Btw, nice job for a newbie! :smiley:

Hey Dawisch,
yesterday i was trying to figure out where do i look to see how many polys i have so far+triangles and N-gons(which is 0 and am not planning to add anyone hehe)…
and yeah thats not good news then =/, by what u said i was wondering if theres any way/tool to reduce the polys and make the calculations automatically or if i have to proceed that manually by eye …

and thanks for the motivation brother ,belive me im trying my best and im really willing to start studying python very soon…as soon as i finish texturing this char and create a couple of rooms/scenary!!!
im planning to create a MMORPG game which has 3 classes and each one of them should have 3 different chars(networking is gonna be a big challenge i can already feel it tho hehe)
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There’s probably a poly reducer script (which I don’t know of, sorry!), however you may also find edge loop delete useful. Go into edit mode, and vert/edge select. Then use alt + shift + right-click and it will select an edge loop. You can delete them by pushing x and then 7.

Hey Eterniam,
how is it going bro?
thanks for replying and for the advices and yeah i also know the path of how to delete an edge loop and i would really be greatefull(prolly spelled it wrong) if u “teach” me how to see how many polys i hve so far!
Thanks in advance,
PS: hope to soon start studying python and sorry for the lack of updates coz last days ive been kinda busy with some personal problems =/ and havent even touched my char…

Ok guys i know its been too long since i dont post any updates sorry for that!
on monday im going to retake this project(i was facing networking issues with my ISP) and after i finish it im going to build low poly chars and MAYBE tooney ones but im not sure yet…and im actually thinking about writting the game story first and then start them from sketches( i know nothing bout drawing btw) so afterwards ill be starting to model etc etc…
anyways that been said and just to make sure ppl dont think i gave it up hehe :smiley:
Kind regards,

it is better to reduce the polygons by hand… poly reduce script can ruin your mesh topology… you could experience a hard time trying to rig your character…:yes: its good for static meshes only, use it for meshes that dont need rigs…
BTW nice mesh :yes:

You can see how many polys you have next to the colured square were it stands which version of Blender you are working on. Go right from there and you will see VE: and then the current number.

Marwin-Thanks dude i was thinking about that hehe and im just gonna finish this character and texture it and rigg only for trainning purposes coz im following a tutorial a complete series in youtube so by that i can learn a lot of tools and skills in blender .,thats a good way to get familiar with it :smiley:
afterwards im going to start creating my characters for my game project(before im going to create sketches and the game story) and im glad u liked the mesh ,im very satisfied with the results too,blender is such a powerful tool and the best thing is the ppl who deal with it,im really happy of how friendly and nice the ppl are here and i really apreciate the warm reception ,feel really greatful!
Manchester1994-wow thanks a lot dude i would never think of that lol,i think its good to keep the eyes on that so u dont go too crazy on polys hehe :smiley:
btw what is a good amount of polys for a game character i mean a game with good graphics(but not the heavy ones)?
thanks in advance and kind regards,

Your character model looks very good (at least to me, I’m not a modeller :slight_smile: ), but you wil definitely want to bake a normal map, SSAO(I think that’s the abbreviation?), anyway try to bake as many details as possible into textures (there’s a tutorial on baking here).

Keep up the good work!

yep…i still have a long road ahead and due to some personal ´problems im stuck where i stopped…but today or tomorow im going to get back to where i was and finish my studies as soon as possible so i can start my game characters and others…
Thanks for the reference dude i really apreciate that!
Kind regards,

i would limit the characters to 2000 faces(fa:2000) at the MOST. when you begin putting the game together, all the polys of all the objects you make start adding up and you want to keep them as low as possible!

ow Kcmcronxton,
thanks for the precious advice :smiley: by looking at ur character it feels like a good inspiration to me 4 real!
now i can keep my eyes on the faces count so i dont go too over bout it!
Thanks again i really apreciate brotha :smiley:
Kind regards,

back on modeling…think im going to get this done by tomorow then the next step will be texturing :smiley:
still happy ^^

no problem man :slight_smile: my characters are REALLY low poly tho because im going for a simple style, all mine are under 1000.

good luck with texturing unwrapping is a pain :slight_smile:

yeah i know unwrapping hurts me so deeply lol…i mean at least with Lightwave but i guess blender beats LW in all aspects so i think it will be easier than LW ^^(hoping)!!
blender for life hehe :smiley:

waazaapp folks :smiley:
hey guys ,
i thought in ressurecting this “project” and thats what i did and today i decided to finish modeling and add some cloak to it and other accesories ^^
its in the very beggining yet but just to keep this thread alive im posting some pics with the char nude and with the cloak,i hope its getting any better…

pics :

Please C&C guys!
Noobish boy :wink: