Game Character

Hello, my first post here on Elysiun(i think)
Im from sweden(thats why i dont speak/write in perfect english), age 18, and have been useing blender for only a short time. :smiley:

Im makeing a game character as a project in school and really needs feedback on it because i dont think it looks wery well. Maybe because i havent made wery much on it, or maybe beacuse it really sucks, or some kind of combination. The game i would like to use it in is probably BF1942, ive downloaded their mod-makeing-kit but you need 3ds max or Gmax? to get any help from it. Ive probably could fix a version of it but i rather use blender.
Im quite new to blender though, only used it since august or something, we use in school, which is quite cool…right? :smiley:
Only made a few models one my own before this one.
A mustang airplane and a Abrams tank. can post pics of them if you are interested.

If you have any excelent tutorials please post them to.

Here it is:
not the actual texture im planing on useing.

My referens/“blueprint” pictures ive used:

Use the set smooth button in the edit buttons. It makes low-poly models look much better unless it wont work in with the exporter…

Good start!
My only concern would be the polygon count… That model looks a little detailed, and there’s a few faces that seem wasted in the shoe.

In the end, it comes down to how you plan to use it (and with what engine)

Keep us updated!

gonna have to convert those quads to tris, right?

Again, depends on the engine

Oh, in the end, you might want to try using “Decimate” to simplify and reduce the poly count… I believe that’ll change it all to triangles as well.

Hi there, cool that you are having lessons in blender in school!

If you need gmax get it from because autodesc has bught(or someting) descreet and discontinued gmax. I havent tryed gmax myself but I figure that you will need it to export the models from BF1942.

Maby there shuld be less polygons sisns the model is going to be used in a realtime game. here is an ok example of a lowpolygon woman

I would like to here more about u using blender in shcool, it sounds interesting.


Thanks a lot for all the comments so far.

its quite hard to keep it down with the polygons :smiley:
is it possible to adjust the amount later after i have finnished my model?
Else i just restart it and use this for something else :slight_smile:
and also thanks for the tutorial link, dont have time to look at it right now, but i will check it out later.

And yes! we use Blender3d in school :slight_smile:
There should be more opensource programs / os in schools so that the money can do good on something else. Last year the 3d animating group didnt got anymoney, so they couldnt buy any licenses so they had to re-install somekind of trial-version at the begining of Every lesson. quite crappy… But now when i started with this, we have a new teacher thank god, and he said that there was no way he could get that kind of money from the school to spend it on lincenses. So instead he introduced us to blender, and to this forum :)-<

something special you would like to know about it?
I do not know if he is registrated here on elysiun but he told us about it.


Ive redone everything except the boots, just fixed with them a little.

To reduce the polys you can use the rem double button. I am from Sweden too and there are some other swedish people here too. Welcome to Elysiun and Blender.

The decimator is also an option check it up at the editing buttons. But do save the file before you use the decimator it can screw your whole model up hehe.