game character

This is my first finished model/project/anything it came out just about as good as I could have hoped for.

The purpose of the project was to attempt to create a decent yet unspecific game character. In hope that the other blender heads may deem it worthy to be included in their projects. Which is why I’m sharing it. I’d really love to see it pop up else where.

Details. 512x512 diffuse map 865 polygons ~1.6k-1.7k triangles

Issues. The face is still plagued by seams to some extent. And I have not rigged it so the mesh may still need a loop or two cut into it. I pray it will deform well.

Here’s a link to the wip

The blend

The texture

a face shot

jacket back

Hello jessegp, You have got a nice model that doesn´t spent too much quads/triangles to look good, allow me to study your model for learning purposes, I really need to lower my poly count without losing detail, because I will use my model in a RPG game I´m making

Keep up the good work, and a question, all the clothing was done separated from the body?

Wow Really nice model. When/If im gonna make a game, i will defintley use yours right away. One thing I really think is nice, is the hair. Wow dude.! :smiley: 4 stars ;D

The clothing is part of the mesh. So they aren’t separate. The number of poly would really go up to do them separately.

Yeah this is a good game model I like the hair is it transparency mapped? My only issue is this guys fashion sense.A purple coat a bra and motercycle gloves?Black or grey armor is what my game characters will be wearing this season.

I really think its about time i calibrate my monitor. I’m sitting in the computer lab and my model is crazy light. On my monitor at home the pants are almost dead black you can only really see the fold at the top and hints of color variation on the pants and the folds near the knee. The jacket and under shirt are both suppose to be quite dark, but they are crazy light on this lcd monitor. I’m unsure if this is a combination of the lcd making things lighter and my crt monitor darker or what. And my monitor is not very friendly to changing the contrast. Stupid old compac monitor. But with the texture included a couple of different gimp filter passes can give someone something close to the results that I was looking for. :cool:

The hair is kind of the shape of a flat bucket on the top of his head. __/ kind of like that from the front with a plane in front and back. That way it doesn’t matter what angle you look at it from you should be able to see the alpha map clumps or air around the head.