Game Character

This is the character monkey warrior for inclusion in the Sauerbraten rpg project. The base colors are shown also. Currently it is 1350 tri polies. Armor and weapons will be added as separate md3’s.

that charecter looks cool and all but why is it so bluryish and fuzzyish?

The modelling is great, but it needs some textures!

I posted in the wrong thread. This should be in the Wip thread. The blur is due to a low resolution for the baked texture which is at 256x256. I baked to texture to get an idea of how the color groups will look at a base level. Thanks for the positve criticism.

Top notch stuff on the silhouette and form. Now, if I could only see the wires to crit on deformation and whatnot.

wire setup.

Nice lowpoly character. Some of your topology doesn’t really make sense, but that doesn’t matter since this isn’t subsurf modeling. Any texture work so far?

Nothing to write home about. I am sending it off to a skinner to be textured properly but here is what I have after messing around with some ideas myself;

The facial features are a duplicate model sharing the same uv’s with more polies for baking to texture.

The wires look good, maybe some polies could be cut out without losing the form but since it’s so lowpoly already, I think they can stay in. :slight_smile:


Speaking of Monkeys

this is a monkey I modeled for MGP and he now has 1500 tris. I like your monkey a lot - he’s got spunk. Maybe they can be friends.