Game Characters

Here are a couple of items from my ongoing job to produce all the art for a new FPS game. I’m using blender exclusively, now I’ve had a little time to get used to it. The ear in the first and second pics is a placeholder - as are any visible textures. I’ll post more as I produce it/screengrab it.

nice model and beautiful textures. its a shame that face tex is only a placeholder because it works really well.

only problem i can see is that you have a hell of a lot of tris. select all and press shift+J to clear most of them up.

happy blending! :smiley:


For game models I believe that you want tris. If that’s the case then he’s in good shape.

Thanks guys. These heads haven’t been tagged as needing facial animation, but I want to build it in at this stage - chances are I’ll get asked to implement it later which is why it’s a bit poly heavy. Tri’s are necessary, but I start with quads to get the shape and loops working, then go back in and split quads into tri’s, flipping pairs of them where needed. The face image is a reference plane created from a photograph from I’ll use the same image plus other views - (3/4, side, back and top) to create a wrap-around head texture, which should match the model perfectly since that’s what I modelled from.

…and another one. I’ll put these all together (with their bodies) once they’re finished.

Strip modelling with quads is fast, but I still have to convert to triangles and flip pairs where needed. I’m getting used to extruding single verts (as explained by Torq) as well - very handy for laying down loops.

FYI I found this thread (from Thursday) buried half way down page three! This is what you call an ACTIVE community!!

The head shown here - with the ref, is the one in my last post above, at about 60% done. I still have to do hair yet (alpha’d poly planes) and optimise the mesh (it’s a little on the heavy side).

This is the body for that last head. I plan to make the heads/bodies/hands/feet interchangeable - as well as a lot of the textures to get as much variety in-game as possible. I blocked this body out this morning, and I’m quite happy with where the main volumes are. He’s wearing braces (suspenders) which is why the front of his shirt may look a little odd.

Here’s the first female head. Still lots to do (as ever), the mesh is untidy and a bit poly heavy. I’m definitely getting faster at producing these things in blender though, which is a good thing!!

She’s got no proper textures yet, which is why her eyelids look strange - but I couldn’t resist having a little fun.

Blink test:

divx encoded, 27k.