Game charater:Bone deformation problem = (

Sorry if this is a dumb question(since I´m a beginner at animation), but what´s the best way of animating a charater for a game? I have see many ways of doing a animation, but maybe there is an standart type like there is an standard model for games(low poly+good textures), maybe some types are faster than others too? I think it´s the bone animation they use I´m wrong?
If needed I can post my charater model wireframe for animation bugs corrections

Sorry, I found the answer, armature is the best way to animate a game charater, but one question, why when I select one side of a bone and extrude it, sometimes I got separated bones? I was hoping for parent bones, without separation

I found the answer, Bones can only follow one way, they can´t have one bone at each extremity of another bone or I´m wrong? And another question, could someone explain me better how I make neutral vertexes(don´t follow the bone) be part of a determinated bone(Feet for example)

  1. You’re right.
  2. With Vertex groups. (Best way IMHO) is to use weight painting. Switch the armature to pose mode, now select your object. Change to weight paint mode. Shift-RMB the bone. Now simply paint on the mesh.

You can find a (very nice :D) explantion for weight painting here:

I learned that too, I only had to assing faces to an bone at model>Edit>first window at left, sorry for bothering

thanks SoylentGreen, any tutorial would help now :smiley:
I run in another problem, how I animate facial expressions for a game? Shape keys?
I will post my model screenshots+armature so you can judge whats wrong, because I got another problem too, very weird deformations,why?


Here are more screenshots and the problem I´m talking about, I don´t know why it happens, because at the beggining the leg moved all right, maybe I need to deselect/select an option?
It´s odd how my upper leg bone move the leg all right(except the leg shrinking when move more than 45 °) when it´s alone, but when parent bones(lower leg and feet) appear the feet region is distorced, but the selected vertexes are the same


Oh, and here is the textured charater if you want to see it :smiley:


Very nice! The problem with the mesh is, that the vertex groups are not right. Most likely reason is that vertices are belonging to a wrong group. It needs a bit experience to assign the mesh correctly. You should try and get a good grip at weight painting. It’s not very difficult and a very usefull and flexible tool.

Thanks :smiley:
Some more questions, the model/bone wireframes? Are they allright? The bone position change the model deformation( independent of assigned faces)? The topology is good for a nice deformation( taking in account the fact that it should have only necessary vertex )?
Maybe I should discover it alone, but if you want to comment it, I would be gratefull

  1. At first you should consider to switch of the envelopes, or to convert them into vertexgroups.
  2. There are quite a lot of good rigs possible, it dependes what kind of motions you need, and how much automatic you like. For a game you will probably animate with automatic IK, or with FK, so the rig can be quite simple.
  3. It’s hard to tell whether the topology is good enough for animation, but if you don’t go for naturalistic movements the topology is not so crucial.

One thing though: did you recalculate the bone roll angles before going to pose mode?

Oh sorry, I´m still learning, I will do that later :smiley:
About the face, nobody aswered how I animate it for a game :frowning: and one detail which is troubling me, Weight painting appears to be like assigning faces at the model edit are they two sides of the same coin?

SoylentGreen, you was right about the bone deformation problem, I assigned to the upper leg bone all the leg (taking control of the other bones, lower leg and feet), I later assigned the upper leg to only the upper leg and it all fixed itself =B
One bone assigned face can´t take control over another bone faces, am I right?

and I was thinking, for game optimization I need to lower the poly count and still preserve the shape of the charater, can I delete half of the ocular globe (UV sphere), since the inside won´t show much, without losing the eye animation?

There’s an edit button :wink:

Yes, you can cut the eye spheres in half. There won’t be any problems unless you want them to roll up particularly high.

There are two basic ways to animate faces: with bones (armature) and with shape keys. For a low poly model I recommend shape keys.

Weight Painting is a (more or less) intuitive way to assign vertices to vertexgroups. A vertex can be a member of many vertexgroups. But what do you mean by
“a face can’t control over another bone faces”?

Sorry, It´s because before, one ring of faces(upper leg bone) was the same ring of faces of lower leg bone(two bones used the same faces) , after I assigned these ring faces only to upper leg, the animation turned into something considerable(the problem was solved).Note that not all faces of these bone groups were coincidant, only a ring of them.
I´ll send explanative images if you want

No, I think I do understand now. Weight painting is a bit difficult sometimes, though it works well if you consequently hide already painted vertices. The option “VGroup” is also very usefull, if you have the correct vertices assigned and want to finetune the weights.

I was peacefully deleting wrong bones when I came up this weird stuff, anybody know what is this :confused: ? There are 3 layers(different from the usual layers), one has my model, the others have this weird stuff,I understand it´s because I have 3 separated objects, but am I wasting precious memory? I asked this because I have seen duplicated objects at some of these layers