Game competition?

Are there still plans for one? Last I heard malcando was pulling something together here:

Anyone heard anything of it, or know of any other competitions in the works? After 2.48 and Apricot, it’s good timing to attract some fresh blood to the ge with a decent contest.


Hi blengine,

The competition will def be going ahead, I’ll try to get something finalised by the end of next week.

At the moment, the overall feeling seems to be…

  1. Prize for best graphics ( anything goes ) - Euro200
  2. Prize for best gameplay ( anything goes ) - Euro200

and a 3rd smaller non-coder prize for content created using only Logic ( no python ) - Euro100

I’ll touch base with Erwin, as he was also organising a Bullet based prize.

If your entry has been submitted for a previous Blender / Bullet competition, that would rule it out of this one ( to help exclude fairly old games being entered, and allowing for new content, but still some stuff that has been WIP for a while ).

Other than that, anything within reason goes ( ie content should be 16 year old friendly - I’m sure most people would use their own common sense for this ). You can be team based, make any type of game ( or even just walkthrough if you’re going for the visual prize ) etc.

Regarding GLSL, a great game using this might have more chance of getting the 1) prize. However, REALLY well done graphics not using GLSL could be more impressive than well done GLSL graphics - this will be taken into account.

For 2), gameplay would ignore whether GLSL was used or not - the focus would be on the fun factor. Same as for 3), you can use GLSL or not.

I’ll start getting some info up on one of the Blender WIKI pages, and will post when more formal info has been put in place.

hey, I started working on a game about 3 days ago, could I use it as an entry? so far, it is going towards gameplay as opposed to graphics quality. also, I might be going towards no python (since I can’t really code anyway ;))

one thing I have against contests like this is that the winner is usually decided by a couple of “judges”. I would like to see a competition where there is a vote, and the community gets to pick the “best”. With the blender expo I saw that a couple of people where completely left out. It was more of a personal popularity competition, than an expo of the talent.

One other thing I find disturbing, is that if someone only uses only logic bricks, they are automatically disqualify for first and second place? Why not just vote for all the games, and later on have “best coder” and “best logic brick” prize? Discriminating on the method of creation sounds very absurd to me. The game is either the best or not, no matter how it is made.If this is to bring us more newbies , why not have it so that a newbie can actually win it?

I guess no matter how a contest is setup someone will be able to come by and poke holes in it.Every contest will have things that some people will and wont like.

Just an idea for future competitions. why not have a prize for the best BGE tutorial? Or a prize for the person who contribute the most to the blender GE wiki? This might inspire the elite to stoop down and shed their new 2.48a knowledge with the rest of us.It would also help to improve the quality of all the BGE games. not to mention how it will help attract new people.

As a new person myself I find it very frusterating finding relivent information on blender game engine.Most tutorials I find are for non compatible versions of blender. Every little morsel of 2.48 applicable knowladge I find sends my project lightyears further. No telling how fast I could develope a game if I had all the knowladge I needed in one wiki.

Hey malCanDo, great to hear.

The non-coder prize is a little odd to me too, it’s like making light of it being a competition by saying “everyone is a winner.” With the addition of states and some new bricks, logic bricks aren’t as crippling as they used to be, and it’s not like python takes more than a day to learn the basics.

I like the panel of judges, because I think it’s less likely to be a popularity contest than by having a community vote.

I have a game that I’ve been working on for about the last 2 months. Can I use it as an entry?

I see strong competitiors emerging from Japan, France, Africa, besides the people we already know.

This could be fun!

Interesting proposition…

I also fancy the idea of having a community vote as opposed to just a few judges rating everything. I think the outcome of that would be much less biased and we would get a more accurate depiction of what the community thinks as a whole.

I’m really looking forward to this competition, It’s exciting to see talented people like blengine showing interest in this. There is a lack of GLSL content for us to learn from, so it will be nice to pick apart some “next gen” blender content.

I may or may not participate depending on how much time I have. I have a few abandoned projects laying around that I could polish up if there is enough time.

Carpe diem! :wink:

I second The Oracle’s Ideas

@Oracle: As I mentioned in the other thread I beleive this is a competition whose purpose is to bring in new work from everyone, but particularly from people who might have needed a bit of an inncentive to seriously use the engine at all. In other words, people who may be familiar with it, but who are currently using Max, or XSI or something for their more serious work. In other words (again :p) to tempt new users to do their best using blender.

That’s why competition is essential. It’s not about handing out prizes to every valuable member of the community - becasue then we’d have to give them out to everyone!! :yes:

What I’m saying is that if you want to hand out more prizes, then put up the prize money. But I beleive that our current sponsors already have an agenda of their own which is reflected in the format which they have already set up. They want to judge because they want to encourage people to use blender’s modern features. I’m guessing it’s an unwritten understanding that they will be given a strong personal tilt to those who find cool ways ot use the new features - which I understand. Because they want to show the 3d community at large what blender is capable of… not necessarily what any particular user is capable of.

in other words, the goal is to raise community consciousness about blender itself, not about any group of users.

This is in everyone’s greater benefit, as more interest in blender may equal more development.

So I will enter in order to support THIS cause - to try and get blender’s message out there. Winning the prize is just bait to draw us all out.

I think we have to look at the big picture. The bigger the “next-gen” or “grand prize” is, the more likely a less likely individual will say, “Hey I got some spare time to tool around in blender.” Because they may see it as an auto-win for some instant cash. Let’s hope we get as many of those people as possible. :yes:

At which case they’d all be wrong it and would be a tough battle for everyone…except for blender. in which case, it would be the true winner. Which is what would truly be best for everyone. I think anyway. :wink:

That was beautiful. I feel like solving world hunger now. :eyebrowlift: I like the idea of the competition, but I probably won’t have anything to enter. I’m busy with some other stuff which happens to start with a “c” and end with an “ollege applications.” Maybe I’ll enter in future competitions though.

I would really like to see a nicely publisized game contest. Then i’d like to win it :smiley:

I am a firm believer in peoples vote. To an extent. I hate competitions (sometimes) where people get say all the way through. I know, the people are the only ones who matter and junk, but let’s face it: it’s pretty much a popularity contest. We put this together, some dumbass grabs his friends, has 'em all sign up and vote twenty times, and best game goes to “Push the Cube”. Don’t get me wrong, often this doesn’t happen, but to often it does. Maybe people vote first then judges, or we could pull an American Idol and have some judges vote, then people. That’s my opinion.

Pardon if the following question was answered :smiley:

What’s the time frame for this sucker? Are we talking weeks here, months, or a year? Because to be honest, that plays a heavy factor for me. Also, what’s the rules for already started/finished projects, and how do you expect to enforce them?

Lastly, prizes. If this follows through, hurray! But I think the prize could be a tad more inventive (no offense; i mean, i’ll take 200 euros any day). But, maybe a chance to have the game published on a platform, or maybe a free banner in there sig, and ability to jump real high. I don’t know, I’m just throwing out ideas.

i had alot o fun making my entry for the bullet physics contest way back. ill be interested to see what people come up with for this one… especially with the advancements made in the engine since then.