Game Complete - Tripwire

This was a group project among 4 of us. It’s implemented in Blender and DLLs programmed using C++ and boost.

About the Game:
It’s based on the same rules as checkers. You move your pieces diagonal across the board, kings can also move in reverse. You are forced to jump your opponents pieces in the direction you are going if the spot beyond it in the same direction is empty. Includes a complex AI and multiplayer capability over LAN.

The Twist:
The goal for winning is reversed! Tripwire is a game where the pieces are traps. You maneuver your traps in an attempt to defeat your opponent. The winner is the person who is unable to move when it comes their turn (all pieces blocked, or none remaining).

Some of the textures are taken from photos or screenshots that I’ve edited…only one is anywhere near recognizable, and even then it’s butchered well beyond what it originally looked like. We’ve had 3 months to do this project from beginning to end with none of us ever having completed a game before, and I’m the only one that put forth effort to learn blender beyond the most basic of modeling so I had to take a shortcut here and there. Oh, and I know a dwarf isn’t a “class”, but the name was much shorter and easier to fit into the UI than demolitionist. :slight_smile:

Special Thanks:
To the community that helped me through a few problems, whether you helped me solve it, or shared in my confusion, it was still comforting to know I wasn’t the only n00b having problems with it. :slight_smile:

The Files:
Sorry, it’s Windows only :frowning: - Full install - Includes .NET 2.0 which is a pre-requisite - 28.6 MB download - Min Install - Just the program installation - Will not install without .NET 2.0 already on your computer - 6.31 MB download

Only known bugs:

  • Ghost trap…it stays behind even if it’s jumped, Only graphical, there’s not really a piece there. Also only appears on certain computers. Tried to track it down for hours, no avail.
  • Sound card trouble, will play some sounds, others it logs an error. Hardware specific.


I really liked it. It took me a few minutes to understand that I was supposed to be getting jumped to win. I don’t know what I was thinking when I read “The goal for winning is reversed!”. I guess it slipped my mind. Anyhow, the only thing I would do differnet would be to make the buttons in the menus animated. But other than that, it was great. animated moves would be nice too.

gameplay - easy to understand, well done.
visual effect - just a board and pieces, but very well done.
sound - like stated above, some work, some do not.
overall - I liked it!

But who am I to cast judgment?

Hey really cool game! :slight_smile:
I think the pieces should be a bit easier to figure out which one is red and blue.
Whenever I try to move, the piece that I want to move goes 1 space to the right and 1 down.

I didnt finish the game for im not for the game of checkers or chess. Just not my type, but from what I did play, good job :) 



Why do you need “.NET”…?

you need .net 2.0 because he probably used visual studio and the .net 2.0 framework for his dlls that he used in his game

:frowning: I couldn’t test it as I’m a Linux user, if you could release a linux version using Mono instead .Net I would play it.

Heh, VC. Talk about microsoftized.

GCC + VI on *nix FTW. If it’s not Open Source, it’s just another lock-in policy.

GCC + VI on *nix FTW. If it's not Open Source, it's just another lock-in policy.

I wouldn’t go as far as open source, but it’s important to use open standards and is going to just get more and more important no matter what Microsoft tries to do. .Net is just a headache in this case, because it’s not being used at all. The dynamic link libraries are c++. Microsoft just tagged it and made it Microsoft only with the output. Keep it standardized and use a dual boot and the same code will make a shared obect library in Linux and I think will work for Apple. Not sure about that.

Thanks much for the comments/suggestions. They’re all greatly appreciated.
Yes, the .NET requirement for install is purely visual studio. I tried my best to find a workaround but couldn’t. Doing a game from the start right now I would use something else, but as this was a group project and everybody else on it was already compiling their code in visual studio, had never worked with DLLs, and had never worked with blender, I felt it was too much to ask them to learn. Even though they didn’t bother learning anything about blender, install, or DLLs anyway and I had to make it all work. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the game as installed. You can try running it without .NET - not sure if it’ll work though. I know it only working with microsoft is a pain in the butt, but at this point my frustration with the project is high and I doubt I’ll be touching it for another month or 2.

McAden, that .zip worked fine on my PC, and I don’t think I have .net 2.0. Interesting and challenging game. I’m glad to see the finished project. I remember when you first started work on this.

Thanks blendenzo :slight_smile:
I plan to start a new project soon, much more ambitious. Should be one that looks a lot better and should challenge my newfound ability with the BGE 100 times over yet again. I’m not going to announce it just yet till much of the basic framework is in place, but I’ll release that it’s to be an RPG.