Game concept

HI everyone, I have some concept ideas for a game I have been planning on for several weeks now. I would like to share what I have with you and hopefully you can give me more inspiration or ideas or even concept ART for characters, maps, buildings, cities etc…

So my friends and I are working on a game about an assassin. Basically, you live in a city (medieval time period) and there are several brotherhoods or “gangs” if you will, and they all fight/create alliances in the streets. The main character is an assassin for one of the brotherhoods who pays you money to take out other leaders and people of influence and importance. You have several weapons in your arsenal including the trusty dagger, a short sword, a grapple hook, and of course an assassin wouldn’t be complete without throwing stars. With all these “tools” you can pickpocket people, hide, assassinate, climb, and several other nifty tricks.

The main objective is to complete all tasks assigned to you without getting cought, and get as much money as you can.

The main character will have a cloak, he can lift his hood up or down, when he has his hood up, he becomes more hidden from the gaurds or other gang members, but citizens will be suspicious and you have a less chance of pickpocketing or assassinating. When you get near an object that you can hide in, a small message on the bottom right of your screen pops up and says press “r to hide.” And when pressed, the main character perfoms an ipo where he will jump and hide in whatever you are next to, like a covered wagon, or barrel.

For enemies, there are several types, they can either be completely unware of anything happening around them becuase they might be asleep or chatting with other enemies. You can tell that they are unaware because they have a yellow dot above thier heads. The chances you can assassinate or pickpocket them is 9/10 chance. Normal enemies will not have a dot over thier head, and you only have a 5/10 chance to pickpocket or assassinate them. the other type of enemy is the aware one, that has a red dot over thier heads, they typically have thier sword drawn and are alert, you only have a 2/10 chance to assassinate or kill them.

If you have any knowlege in modelling midieval objects/ characters etc, please let me know if I could use any of your stuff, pm me if you would like to help, no I am not posting this to get people to help me, i just put this here if you feel you would like to, no pressure. If you could point me in the right direction for a tut on AI, I would much appreciate it!

Please do not say that this is stupid and that I will never finish it, if you have any negative comments please keep them to yourselves. If you simply have to say something, please send it in a pm.

Thanks for listening to my concept ideas, there will be some pics of my concept art, but I don’t feel like scanning them atm.

Any screens, usually it really helps if you at least have screenshots of work you’ve done to show this is getting further then the initial idea phase.

Nice concept. I can help you part time. I’ll be working on my other project the rest of the time. Give me a call if you need anything. I am pretty good with AI (Thanks to Mmph!'s tutorial) and am pretty good at environment modeling.

could you post a link to Mmph!'s tuts? plz , thnx!

i have an odd fealing like i have heard this all before? like a game for the current generation gaming platforms… very odd.

please don’t mind me im not criticizing u, if u want go ahead and create an A.C clone. please impress me.
you have started of right though, u have acknowledged a plot, characters, gameplay elements thats great, your in the right direction. looking forward to those concept pics.

ahh yes, AC, good game, it is loosley based off AC, and yes I did get most of my ideas from it, but I would like to make it a different time period and different main character.

think we could get a rough time table, of when to check for pics and what not? sounds intresting

not rly, these are just my concepts and ideas for the game, I am just working on the physics and AI, not much pretty stuff to look at yet.

I know the perfect way to make the “invisibility.” You could set the character’s faces to alpha, and then have an alpha ipo set up to lower his alpha. Then some simple integer properties and logic, and you’ve got invisibility. (and the of course you have to play the hood animation over that…) I can set up a .blend if you want me to…

I accept any help Turin. :):):slight_smile:

Here ya go:

it is perfect for things like guards who patrol a path.
In the last tutorial rather than just having a fireball launcher, you can also have a ray that is where the guards are looking… then send a message to all the other guards to mob the player if he gets seen by the ray.

Sounds like you have a great ideas…
Hope you have enough patience to follow it through, I bet it will be a popular game if you complete it.

Soon I will post a tutorial on an autonomous bot that is nice for monster that you want randomly roaming about.

yeah, i found these, and they are working wonders!:wink:

If I understand Wunderlust right, and I do; he likes Assassin Cred alot, so he talkin about makin a clone of it in blender ( of all engines n tools ), in attempt to bein’ great as AC.
In case, this project is doomed to not even get really started. As fast our friend Wunderlust game some COD4 or other game, he will abonned all talk ( yes, just talk about make a AC, not really make it ) and start to talk about make a COD4-clone…

We all know this is the classical nubtalk. I don´t dislike Wunderlust for his ideas, I remember myself then I was a little nub who wanted create HL2-clone in 3dgamestudio.
Ofcourse, I remembed myself talkin alot, started on first level, with was awful, then quit as fast I started to play on another game.

I dont mean that I´m a 1337-gamedesigner now, I´m not, but I has gone to the next step in gamedesigners ladder: To know that I´m not can create a awesomegame-on-current-plattform-by-my-self-and-with-alot-of-talk-without-skills.
I have now created some easiermade games with my own concept, ofcourse can sometimes be similar to old retrogames sometimes. - check out my latest games, this is what u should target on for a while. U will learn alot, and someday, maybe someday, u could make ur ultimate dreamgame, if u can hold on so long as a gamedesigner.


I do not plan on making this game HUGE, I simply want to work on making better AI for the GE, I do not plan on making millions of textures and lots of buildings etc, I will not waste my time with that until I figure out the AI, I learn best by doing, and so far I am doing very good.

again wunderlust, good move.

Thanks Red Hand, i am really starting to get a hang of the AI, i have ALL day today to figure it out, parents are at work, siblings are all busy, no school til’ wednesday! =D =D =D =D

Yah, here is an example of alpha-changing.

Thanks Mmph!
Now I got the patrol thing down, and how to make it more random, I am having issues with this one…
I need the Bot’s swords to move also, but they are a diff object, idk how to link them, can I use properties from other objects? And once in a while when you hit them they go crazy, most of the time they will fallow you though.

Yah, here is an example of alpha-changing.

Looks good, but I am going to slow down the speed it changes, thanks for your help Turin;)

sounds alot like assassins creed

Happy kids who got excited playing a game that took hundreds of people full time jobs to create… Dude for real. Blender is bender, its not an xbox, ps3, or wii (ehh forget the wii) game making tool. At best you will end up with Nintendo64 type graphics, and hungry hungry hippo game board, type game play. Sorry dude.

Try to aim a little smaller.