Game Content #4 (Closed for entries)

Okay, in the ever evolving Game content contest, I had yournamehere (winner of #3) pick the the and basic rules for the model. So here is the scenario yournamehere came up with:
Attack of the Behemoths

The topic requires that the participants create an exotic and fantastic giant while following the constraints of PSP specs.

Polys: 2000 tris max (extra objects must not go over 500 tris)
Textures: 256x256

Allowed maps:
Glow (lightmap)

note that normal maps are not on the list.

The final image must contain another object to represent the size of your behemoth. Objects could include People, famous buildings, or maybe even a mid sized animal. Be creative in the object choice and placement.

The final model must have a background story that includes the name, age and a small summary of how your particular behemoth came to be.

Rigging, Posing, and adding bases (like a trophy) are optional.

You have until Noon (GMT-4) Friday 09-26-2008 to get your entries submitted.

Place holders are not necessary, but entries will be placed on the voting poll in order that they appear in the entry thread.

You can post as many views as you like. Please state which is the main view you want shown in the voting thread. All other views including wires will have links.

If you are in a sharing mode, post your blend.

Entries that do not meet the above requirements, will not be included on the voting poll.

I think that covers if for now.

Good luck to all.

place holder…What is Behemoth?

place holder…What is Behemoth?

A behemoth is a giant; a monster; a large creature of any sort. It can be a dinosaur, a giant robot, or an alien. The rules ask you to create and model your own behemoth.

Oh, just a tip: on the alternate object (the one that represents size). It would be wise to use an alpha mapped image for it. It would be quicker and does not consume time.


Allright.I was thinking the band…But then i was like…HMMM…Ill ask…

Ok yeah forsure a place holder!

Ok heres my Entry :smiley:

Exactly 1384 trig polys, with a modern day Hummer for size reference.

An Ancient Behemoth Creature - The Nightwalker


Background info:

A giant behemoth which walks the lands at night, only getting to adult size after 200 years.
In the ancient times there used to be hundreds in existence, but only a handful remain deep under the earths surface presently. In the past they would come out during the night, distancing themselves from humans, until of course they were forced to stay underground by the ever growing human race. Unfortunatly all the giant caves joining the surface to the giant underground caverns either collapsed or eroded away, trapping them forever.

The .blend (Non-GLSL version)
Nightwalker2.blend (755 KB)

It includes the Nightwalker model, along with the hummer, and the Nightwalker is fully rigged, with basic walk cycle and idle pose already animated.

So we have to make huge objects… with tiny little texture maps?

Yes. I love a good challenge. :evilgrin:


and no normal maps!? grr, I don’t like the rules very much for this one

This would have been what I am best at if it wasn’t for the normal map rule

Can we have multiple maps per creature? =]

im pretty sure you can Farth…Just no normal maps…

The topic requires that the participants create an exotic and fantastic giant while following the constraints of PSP specs.

These rules are according to PSP specs. I do believe that PSP does not support normal maps. Hopefully, you guys don’t depend on normal maps so much that you can’t create art without it :rolleyes:

Can we have multiple maps per creature? =]



placeholder =D

I… don’t have a story :X They are huge… and sleep a lot and… that’s it. :wink:

1832 tris

O_o interesting!

placeholder :smiley:


I think the competition just heated up. Don’t hesitate to create WIP threads. (as PaulR has done) The more WIP threads, the more competition. :evilgrin:


Also, the more wip threads, the more publicity these challenges get, and the more entrants we get, which makes things more interesting and challenging. :smiley:

i cant think of anything to make!

a giant mushroom?

You could make a Behemoth :cool:

Seriously tho, just do some research. I had no idea either, but after less than 5mins looking around on the net i found something perfect.

All right…I got my concept of the dude im making…Its a giant green thing…3tons…30foot…Names fred…hovers around…yeah… first Wacom drawing


Yeah… it has horns. It eats people and It’s crap/dung is the size of a small fishing boat. It is the result of a whale and a dog with horns that mated. (Don’t ask me how it happened :spin:.)



256 Texture:

Total time: 1.5 hours
Tris: 1,186

It’s a fairly crappy texture. I could’ve done a ton more with it, but I just read this thread this morning. Worked on it for 45 minutes this morning and finished it up just now. I might go back and do the texture again.

ps, if you didn’t notice, the size comparison is from my game, Desideratum. I just needed a quick human model.

Well ive submitted my entry, (Check the my first post in this thread), should be interesting seeing everyone elses.

Thats a pretty late placeholder there! Im hoping you’ve got something done by now, only a day or so left before the contest closes…