Game Content #4 (Voting Closed)

This weeks topic was Attack of the Behemoths
The models had to be under 2000 tri and max textures of 256x256.
In addition each entry needed another object as a scale reference. You will notice small humans and vehicles as scale references in the entries.
Here are the entries:

Title: Fred
Tris: 900

Title: The Nightwalker
Tris: 1384

Blender 3D view
Wire view
Blend File

Title: They are huge
Tris: 1832

2nd View
3rd View
Wire Frame

Turn Table video

Title: The Ugly Behemoth Thing
Tris: 1186

Wire Frame

Voting will end Sometime in the evening of Sunday the 28th. Once Sunday rolls around, if your entry looks to be a clear winner, feel free to PM me a Topic, Max Tri count, and Max Texture Size for the next challenge.
Good luck to all,

I like PaulR’s entry, nice attention to detail, overall a great model and excellent texturing. Wish i could texture like that…

PaulR nails it with:

  • Silhouette
  • Camera angle
  • Scale
  • Those dangley thingies

I like the night walker

Good effort from everyone.
I like the night walker thingy best. :slight_smile:

And the winner is: paulR with 56% of the votes!

Lilgrudgeboy (Fred) 0 0%
AD-Edge (The Nightwalker) 5 31.25%
paulIR (They are huge) 9 56.25%
Rozzy (The Ugly Behemoth Thing) 2 12.50%

My apologizes to paulR for screwing up his screen name in the voting poll. New topic on the way!

Nice work Paul.
It was getting close there for a bit!

I just came across this thread, looks like big GE contest will be starting soon, good to see.

Thank you, it sure did. Also thanks for linking that thread, it looks interesting. :slight_smile: