Game Content #5(Sci-Fi FPS Gun)

Now for the 5th installment of the Game Content Contest, the winner of #4 paulR, has selected the following topic and rules:

Topic: “FPS Weapon: Gun | Style: Sci-fi”

Maximum tri count: 3000
Maximum Texture Size: 1024x1024
Texture maps allowed: defuse, Spec, Alpha, Normal, and Glow

You have until Noon (GMT-4) Friday 10-10-2008 to get your entries submitted.

Place holders are not necessary, but entries will be placed on the voting poll in order that they appear in the entry thread.

You can post as many views as you like. Please state which is the main view you want shown in the voting thread. All other views including wires will have links.

If you are in a sharing mood, post your blend. (State the License you want it released under.)

Entries that do not meet the above requirements, will not be included on the voting poll.

I think that covers if for now.

Good luck to all.

Hopefully this will draw more participants. :slight_smile: Hm… though, should normal map be added to the specs?

placeholder :]

Sure I can add Normal maps to the specs. Watch it happen now.

hm actually… maybe it should just be “Sci-fi FPS weapon”. To make it even more generic and thus easier to join? :slight_smile:

Placeholder for sure.

Sci-fi is a personal favorite of mine. And who doesn’t like guns? :wink:

@paulR, you are calling the shots on this one. If you want it to be any Sci-Fi FPS weapon, we can do that. How about we add the caveat of only a firing or projectile weapon? For that mater what is the best way to describe anything that is gun like, but not an edged or blunt force weapon?

hmm… yea I think then we go with sci-fi fps weapon. People can still make assault rifles if they like, hehe. Yea hmm anything that is usually fired at a distance. I don’t know the term either… damn.

How about we just change it to sci-fi FPS Gun. That is generic enough term to allow rifles, pistols, laser, etc…

lol ya right, and it’s so simple. Doh! :wink:

have fun everyone! :slight_smile:

Placeholder Fo Sho!!!

Sweet, this one sounds fun, I’m in

oooo, I think I’m in on this one. Haven’t done much with weapons.

I think the term you’re looking for is “Projectile Weapon”

That was one term I thought of, but I did not know how well it would translate for non English speakers. I figured Gun is more widely understood.

I really wish we had a higher poly option, 3k is really restrictive since I’m making a weapon visible from the 1st person.

Just wondering about the number of each type of map allowed…

3k is really restrictive since I’m making a weapon visible from the 1st person

lol, thats funny

yes it is… people were telling me 1500 was way to much for a gun, and I didn’t even make a norm map for it =/


Don’t see how it’s funny. Most weapons in modern games are well over 10k.

Also, it’s very important to know how many maps I can use. I can’t really unwrap this until I know.