Game Content #5(Voting Closed)

This week’s topic and specs were picked by paulR winner of contest #4, they are:

Topic: “FPS Weapon: Gun | Style: Sci-fi”

Maximum tri count: 3000
Maximum Texture Size: 1024x1024
Texture maps allowed: defuse, Spec, Alpha, Normal, and Glow

The Entries are:

Tamarin (762 tris)

Notes: 1024x1024 diffuse and normal maps
Closeup view

Dim (2953 Tris)

Notes: 1024x1024 Diffuse, Normal, and Spec maps.
View 2
View 3

Voting will run until late Sunday night.
Good Luck to both entries.

I think both guns are really great! But the top on has more of a Sci Fi feeling then the DIM’sNot to be mean or anything!

Tough choice for this one but in the end you can’t beat 762 tris, and an awsome scratch effect.

The winner is Tamarin with 87% of the vote. Great job!

Tamarin (762 tris) 21 87.50%
Dim (2953 Tris) 3 12.50%

That was a pretty thorough thrashing. Hats off to Tamarin. I learned a lot about what people appreciate aesthetically.

Nice models!

Ive been pretty busy, busy enough to even miss the voting :no:

Good to see you guys got heaps of votes tho.

Just wondering how often these run Matt

There supposed to be weekly, but looks like Matt might be bust at the moment and hasn’t started the next one yet.

Hmm… so what’s the situation here now?

Should we choose a new leader again XD

Yeh looks like its up for another re-election.


so who will it be