Game Content Contest #01VOTING THREAD

Theme: Construction Site models

Look over the contest thread for more views of the contestants models

Lilgrudgeboy - View Entry

here is the .blend;…/fileinfo.html

nfollmer - View Entry

here is a zip of the obj and all textures

DichotomyMatt - View Entry

Blend file - PortaLooFin.blend

AD-Edge - View Entry

And the .blend

i think its between AD and Nfollmer…not trying to be mean to Matt =)

Yeah a four way tie. Maybe next week more people will notice this contest or just maybe the BWC will kill it for the next few weeks. nfollmer if it stays tied when you close the voting, change my vote from my own entry to AD-Edge’s. He definitely took more time then I did. Seem LGB would agree with me on this.

lol Thanks guys.

Im sure this contest will get more popular, you cant expect too much from the first round.

Id suggest posting a thread in the Game section, on the discussion board or something just to advertise a bit. That way youll get noticed by people interested in game stuff, and low poly modeling.

Also i reckon a nice shiny ‘Game Content Contest’ banner at the start of any threads would be cool! Much like the weekday challenges have, it just makes it more appealing :wink:

Great ideas AD-Edge. Maybe the next challenge can be designing a banner for the challenge.

I voted for AD-Edge so I know we all didn’t vote for ourselves lol. We will say AD-Edge is the winner and gets to choose the next theme!

If anyone has any banner ideas, PM or email them to me, I will mesh all of the ideas together in some kind of banner lol.