Game Content Contest #02

Congrats to AD-Edge on winning the first Contest! AD-Edge has chosen this weeks theme:

Military Vehicles!


  • Model’s poly count must fit into the respective category and must be taken from Tri count (Convert to tri’s before giving the count) (ex. BGE content will have a slightly lower poly count than Next Gen, although lately, this looks like BGE will be Next Gen soon :D)

  • Models do not have to be textured, but if they are the max. texture resolution for either category is 2048x2048 (that’s plenty)

  • Any ‘map’ may be used with your model (Normal map, Specular map, Bump map, etc)

  • You can create as many entries as you wish but each entry MUST have a poly count and wireframe render included.

  • If only 1 person enters for any given week, the contest will rollover to the next week. If no one enters, that 1 person will be the winner and a new theme will start.

  • The winner of the previous week’s contest will pick the theme for the upcoming week.

  • If possible, a realtime screenshot may be included. (ex. BGE screenshot for BGE content, or Source, UE3, Crysis, etc… screenshot for Next Gen), again this is only optional.

  • Models that are added to the webpage will be free for non-commercial use. All models will be released under the Creative Commons License.

  • If you do not want your model available for download, do not post the blend, obj, 3ds, etc… Anyone wanting to make their model available for download can upload the model and all maps used in zip format (Try to export it as an OBJ so it’s easier for everyone to use, if you can’t I can before they are placed on the site).

Entries must be in by Saturday 12:00 pm EST. Voting will begin on Saturday and end Sunday at 11:59 pm EST and the next thread will begin on Monday of the following week (if the winner does not send or post their contest idea by Monday @ 3:00pm, I will chose the next idea).

About the texture map size. Is the size for all maps or for each map indiviually? Meaning do the normal-, spec-, diffusemap all have to fit within 2048 or can the normalmap be 2048 and the spec map be 2048… ?

Nope, you can do it however you wish. Normally, I use a TGA and put my bump, spec, or reflective map in the alpha channel. However you want to make your textures is fine.

hm…ill see what i can do…Military Vehicles as in like Tanks, jet fighters? old school stuff?

I’m guessing any military style vehicle like tanks, armored vehicles, etc… I am doing an old school BTR-40 if that helps you get an idea. Look at the wiki pages for military vehicles for ideas.

I’ve made my Hummer! :smiley:

Only 920 Trigons at all.

The blendfile:

I hope you enjoy it.

Hope i can find some time to do this one to :spin:
Nice hummer The Last Rookie.

Thanks for the help with the tris nfollmer and DichotomyMatt. I never had time to texture, but heres the final model. It has 613 tris.

Err… I made these textures almost a year ago now and I really wanted to put them to use… so heres the Funky Tank.

millitary2tri.blend (157 KB)

Go to Faces in Edit mode and select convert to Tris, Make sure you have all your faces selected though.

I do it like this:

Crtl A (to select all the faces)
SpaceBar >> Edit >> Faces >> Convert to Tris

Your face count will be in the top right hand corner of Blender.

If you like hotkeys, Ctrl-T with all faces selected with spilt them to tris.

heres mine, a ufo XD which i think is a military vehicle

this was a really good idea btw nfollmer, will the models be on your site?

edit, 366 faces


ufo.blend (529 KB)

![\Blender\Blender Models\World War 2 Models\Tank 2.jpg](\Blender\Blender Models\World War 2 Models\Tank 2.jpg)

Sorry guys. I don’t know why i can’t ever upload from my computer.
But here’s the link for the picture.
if someone could put it on blenderartists that’de be great.

Here it is CG Master, ill remove it from my post when u have it.

As for the model though, it looks very good, but pretty high poly + subsurfed by the looks. You have to remember this is a Game content Contest.
Could we get a poly count/wire?

And its looking good Vampire Grrl! Your first post to. :yes:

mack, I’m going to make a page for all the models, but I haven’t got to it yet. They can still be downloaded via the threads so it’s not a big issue (yet). :slight_smile:

Almost finished with mine, UV mapping has been taking me forever!

Heres my entry, i decided to make a LSV - Light Strike Vehicle
Total of ~1400 tris

Didnt really get time to do a decent UV texture, or any mounted weapons etc.

In-Game screen

Other view


The .blend -

one more entry, hope its not to late, it isnt in my timezone lol

some sort of jetbike deal

360 tris


jetbike.blend (554 KB)

You’re fine. there are 2 and 1/2 hours left in the contest. I didn’t get to come up with anything :frowning: Well, I do, but its not textured.

Nfollmer seems to have run away? :confused:

Lol, wasnt a new thread meant to have been made a few days ago?
I guess we could have a whole week of voting now, since its well past the weekend and no voting has been done yet.

…so no voting???