Game Content Contest #3 (Voting closed)

Theme: Favorite Movie Character

Entries are:

yournamehere “Scrat” (2430 tris)
Wire Frame
Blend File

paulIR “Leon” (1917 tris)

Wire Frame
Video and other images

Lilgrudgeboy “Frylock” (1703 faces)

Voting will close early afternoon on Sunday.


haha, I can’t wait to see the results on sunday. This is exciting.



I posted this in the entry thread, but I will post it here too. For the next contest (#4), the winner will not only need to pick the theme but also the tri count and max texture size. So, be thinking about that while you watch the voting.

Good luck to all.

There were some very nice entrys this time round, looking forward to the next contest!

Hopefully i can find the time to get back into it. :yes:

Hopefully i can find the time to get back into it.

I would love to compete against you. Favorite movie character was a fairly hard topic however.

Dichotomy Matt, When will the thread close?


Winner is younamehere with 53% of votes!

yournamehere “Scrat” (2430 tris) 9 52.94%
paulIR “Leon” (1917 tris) 6 35.29%
Lilgrudgeboy “Frylock” (1703 faces) 2 11.76%

Sorry for the delay. A storm came through my area last night and knocked out my DSL service. I will get the new topic up as soon as I can.

Good work from everyone. :slight_smile: Congratulations to yournamehere! Can’t wait for the next one.
Though, since I’d like to see this really take off, I do have some suggestions:

  • First of all if we gonna have limits they should be enforced, otherwise why have them?
  • An additional (sticky)thread would be nice that contains the general rules and also serves to keep track of what topics were done and on which specs.
  • I think it should be ok to have a duplicate theme on sufficiently different specs.( tech4 vs DS for example )
  • Maybe someone should be in charge of rounding up the entries and putting em in a post for the finished section. To let people know this contest exists. :slight_smile:

Hey paulR. Yeah we need to get for strict on the rules. The whole tri count thing, was never thought out well before. That is why I am having the winner pick not only the theme but also the tri count and texture size. For contest 4 these maximums will be enforced. As for the sticky, only Mods can make sticky threads. Maybe if the contest starts getting more notice that will happen. I would also, encourage anyone entering to post a WIP thread like yournamehere did.

Hmm, right. Well then let’s all work on making it known. Maybe it even gets its own sub forum like the smc. :wink:

That would be really cool! haha

Or maybe someone could make a web site for this challenge,the textures people used, the .blends and then a section about the entry that wins?..Just an Idea