Game contest: Theme list brainstorming

(saluk) #1

Some theme ideas:
Triangle/simple shape - something substantial revolves around a simple shape

“alice in wonderland” - has to do with the main character going to sleep, traveling through a portal, or some other way, getting into a strange alternate dimension. Doesn’t have to be a character game, it could be a puzzle game, or a racing game, or anything, as long as it has that strange world alice in wonderland feeling

altered reality - similar to the last one. Everything about the world the game takes place in is mostly set in modern times and based on reality, but there is ONE substantial thing about this reality that is obviously different from our reality

SPEED - everything about the game makes your adrenaline run, and is really really fast:)

Care - the game has a slow pace, because you have to always be wary of what may happen. Death lies around every corner, one false step could be your last. A racing game where crashing into a wall eliminates you, a fps where enemies kill you in one hit; you have to be careful to survive the experience.

At the end of this contest, we can vote on a new theme and start a new contest immediately.

(Haunted-House) #2

I like the “Care” idea, you have to be careful watch out for traps, monsters, ect.

The “SPEED” idea is no good in blender…unless watching the frame rate drop like a rock makes your adrenaline run :stuck_out_tongue:

(saluk) #3

Haha, if you keep textures to a minimum and polygons to a minimum, speed isn’t much of an issue.

At least, if you have a decent video card.

It would be an interesting test to see how much of a speed look GameBlender is really capable of.

Watching the framerate drop makes my adrenaline run anyway:)

(Abracsis) #4

granted you need at least a P500 with a reasonable graphics card for blender to perform. But if you want a game that involves SPEED check out (plug :slight_smile: ) tunnel pilot3 from my site

I like all the ideas. Although the last one sounds best. We all love to Care


(Peter) #5

I like the altered reality theme.

(nerddogs) #6

I feel the need for SPEED.

(saluk) #7

Keep adding your own ideas too.

(Haunted-House) #8

I change my mind, the SPEED idea is best!!

Proccesor: 1,200 Athlon
Ram: 512
card: Geforce 2
…anb blender still manages to slow my computer down sometimes! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yamyam) #9

Saluk, Do you think that how long time will we have for making a game in this contest?

(gargola) #10

Lagan’s comment about blender’s speed may sound hilarious,(he he! :smiley: ) but it’s so true!

(Pooba) #11

Jeez lagan, have you tried updating drivers? My brother has a pentium 4 1.6 and used to have only 128 megs of ram and a geoforce 2 and it ran fine.


(wes1) #12

2 Months i think it´s going to start friday on
where you can find a list about rulse and stuff about the contest.

or does somebody got something else in mind.

(Haunted-House) #13

Okay, I was exaggerating…and I always keep my drivers updated! 8)
I can’t wait to get started on this contest!

(gargola) #14

i can’t update drivers,last time i updated,blender stop working. :frowning: